Shouji’s marriage proposal خطبة شوجي على الهوا مباشرة

Actor Hussain Mahdi proposed , on the air, to Shouji. She didn’t say yes or no, just told him to pass by her house later on 3ashan ytfahimoun. Wonder what her answer might be (probably NO).

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Is this really you ya shouji?

I don’t think this is a real pic, it might be photoshopped, like a really really really bad photoshop. She looks down right scary.

Hathi shouji eli en3arefha, before el horrible ta3deel

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More on Shouji with Paris Hilton

I had posted earlier with a picture of Shouji with Paris Hilton. Well, it turns out that Frankom had one more picture, the one posted up here.

Frankom took the pictures from 6umasha’s blog, while I got mine from a BB message, thanks RoRo.

Shouji with Paris Hilton

Update: one more picture here.

Look at this!! Wow… Shouji mehi hayna!

Shouji is with Paris Hilton.

I only have one comment about Shouji. Ok, I lied. I have like a million comments. But since Shouji is such a nice girl (she really is), I won’t comment on anything about her.

I’ll just leave you guys with this wonderful picture. You can watch Shouji 2 on Funoon