Watch Abu Dhabi Ramadan TV shows and mosalsalat online

If you want to watch Abu Dhabi channel’s Ramadan TV shows or mosalsalat online, then click here, to use their catchup service. It site is pretty organized, and quite fast too.

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Sitcoms I’m watching these days

I previously posted about how I was looking for a good new sitcom. It to have good humor, lots of comedy, and just be plain fun to watch. My favorite shows these days are Community and Cougar Town, but I already saw both 1st seasons.

Q8TravelBud recommended I see “The Middle”, which turned out to be a great recommendation. I ended up watching the whole 1st season of this too.

Then I was back at trying to find something new, fresh, and funny. And I am happy to say that I found it. The show is called “The Sons of Tucson”. Like “The Middle, this is a family sitcom too, it’s funny and very watchable, lighthearted and amusing. I’ve started watching it now, so it should hopefully entertain me for a while.

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Ramadan TV shows & mosalsalat Apple application just got cheaper

I had posted earlier about this cool Mosalsalat Ramadan application in Apple’s App Store, which was selling for $1.99.

I was checking the app store again this morning, when I noticed that the price came down to $.99. I guess they reduced the price after Ramadan started, lucky us.

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Ramadan’s TV show schedule for this week on all TV channels

If you want to know what shows are airing and at what times on most TV channels, then head over to Al-Watan newspaper.

It ran the TV schedule for mosalsalat Ramadan, on all TV channels, for the whole of this week. If you like watching TV in Ramadan, then you definitely have to print it out.

It’s a good schedule that includes almost all channels like Al-Watan TV, Kuwait TV, Al-Rai, MBC, Abu DHabi, Dubai, Rotana 1&2, Fan, Al-Youm, LBC, Future, and something called S.

Click on the pages to get to the main pdf file of each picture here and here.

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Watch Al-Watan TV programs online

You can follow most of the Ramadan Mosalsalat online over at Al-Watan TV‘s site.

Some of the Ramadan TVshows you can watch there include: Zwarat 5amees, Bu Nabeel w Bu Qotada, Saher Al-Lail, Ma6ba5 Hanouf, Al-Bait Al-Maskoon, Aneen, and Fa9 Kala9.

(زوارة خميس، بونبيل و بو قتادة، ساهر الليل، مطبخ هنوف، البيت المسكون، أنين، و فص كلاص)


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Al-Rai TV Ramadan Shows Line-up

Here is this year’s Ramadan TV show scheduling for Al-Rai TV Channel.

Knock your selves out with mosalsalat Ramadan this year on Al-Rai, Al-Watan, and Funoon.

Enjoy your viewing!

Al-Watan TV Ramadan TV shows line up

Update: Click here to see where to watch the shows online.

Looks like a good show line up for all you TV fans out there. Picture taken from here.

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What sitcom to watch next

I love to watch the 20 minute regular sitcoms on my iPad whenever I’m waiting for something or someone.

Some of my favorite shows are “Community” and “Cougar Town“, both only have one season because their still new shows. I also watch newer seasons of older Tv shows like “Two and a Half Men” or “30 Rock“.

These days, I’m trying to find totally new sitcoms. It’s not easy. I don’t like “Modern Family“, I don’t like “Accidentally on Purpose“, not do I like “Glee“; so the choices rae sometimes limited foe me.

Anyways, I’m going to start watching “Parks and Recreation“. It’s not a new show, almost  2 seasons have aired already.  It stars Amy Poehler, so chances are I’m going to like the show.

Wish me Luck.

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