Apple’s new products at its Fall Event

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Apple‘s fall event took place a few hours ago, and as expected, a lot of the additions and improvments were around its iPod devices. Here’s a small recap of the new stuff introduced by Apple in its Fall Event:

  • iPod Touch with 2 cameras, a retina screen, video recording, and Face Time.
  • iPod Nano gets a multitouch screen instead of its scroll wheel, and is half the size of the previous model.
  • iPod shuffle gets back its buttons.
  • iPad with wireless interaction, like printing and streaming.
  • A new Apple TV, that is 75% smaller than the previous model, and at less than half the price.
  • New IOS, Apple’s operating system for all its mobile devices like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone; is coming out this November. This new IOS will allow iPad users to share media via wifi.
  • New iTunes, with interactive social features (called Ping) that resemble features offered by Twitter and Facebook.

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Mobile phone black dress

Fashion meets Inspector Gadget in this black dress. This dress is called the M-Dress and has a built in antenna, holds a sim card, and allows you to make calls by talking to your wrist, and hangs up your call when you drop down your hand.

Sounds pretty futuristic, right? Yet not very practical. It’s a cool idea though. You can order it from here, along with a bunch of other very cool wear.

Here comes the 1st ever 3D video camcorder

DXG will be selling the 1st ever 3D camcorder. It comes with a 7″ media player, along with appropriate viewing glasses. It’s priced at $600, which ain’t too bad for a pioneering new technology.

The 3D camcorder will go on sale starting August 6, and you can read the whole review here.

It’s true, football shirts are now made from water bottles

You heard it right! Shirts are now made from water bottles instead of cotton and cloth. Nike has come up with a new material made entirely from recycled water bottles, and each shirt uses up to 8 bottles. The cool thing about all of this is that Nike dressed all the Nike sponsored national teams in this new shirt for this year’s world cup in South Africa. That means Brazil, England, and Portugal.

And you know what else? Man United’s new shirt is also entirely made from water bottles.

Apple introduces cool TrackPad

You know the trackpad that’s on the MacBooks and the MacBook pro laptops? Well, Apple has made the same TrackPad, but for its desktop machines. It’s calling it the Magic TrackPad.

The trackpad is almost double the size of the one used on laptops, and is connected to your machine via Blue Tooth.

Me personally, I’m all for this new thing. The trackpad is one of the most comfortable things to use. I don’t know how no one came up with the idea before. Way to go Apple.