A weird thing happened in Bahrain today

While I was still at Bahrain Airport, I noticed some people being investigated. Like a proper Kuwaiti, I pretended not to notice, till a nice gentleman from their security called on me.

I felt weird, so like a Kuwaiti, I asked him shilsalfa? He then asked if I was Bahrini, I proudly said I was Kuwaiti. So he just let me go, just like that. Apparently, they are actually checking Bahrinies, after the nasty terrorists activities they had a few days ago.

I have got to say this one more time, I am so proud to be a Kuwaiti. And I love our Parliament, not the MPs; but I do feel that the Parliament along side with our esteemed Government is behind the respect we get world wide.

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Bahrain Terrorist group caught

I have a Bahraini friend whom has bombarded me with BB messages all Ramadan long, to keep Bahrain safe. The messages got a bit old and more annoying with time. I mean, I love Bahrain and all, but come on. Too much is too much.

Well, I am sad to say that I was wrong and that she actually had a point. There was a terrorist group plotting bad things against Bahrain. Check Al-Jareeda for more details, that’s why everyone there was getting very patriotic. All that said, I have to state that I didn’t like how they stated that folan was eductaed 3ala 7sab eldawla, wala enah 3ellan took a loan for BD 450, they are citizens after all, Bahrain should do that for its citizens.

Allah ey7afeth elBa7rain wil Kuwait killihum.