API login and authentication failure and log in error for Twitter on BB and iPhone

Are you getting an API login error messages and authentication failure with Twitter? You’re not the only one, and nothing wrong with your twitter account, and the answer is very simple.

Twitter have changed the login method for mobile devices starting Sept 1; on the iPhone, iTouch, Android, BB, iPad starting Sep 1st.  Twitter used to allow 3rd party applicatios to store username and password externally, but they changed that policy, all info will remain with twitter all the time. Applications had plenty of time to adjust, and most work just fine. My tough luck got me Twitterific and the BB’s twitter T, one of the few that didn’t work.

  • If you try to login, it won’t let you. You’ll get the message in the pic above.
  • Every application has to be authorized by you. Problem is the settings tab doesn’t have any applications to approve anyway, even if you wanted to.

After spending a couple of hours searching and reading, I got to the solution:

  • All you have to do is update the applications. It works on all Apple products and BB.
  • Problem is the App store will tell you everything is up to date, so you will have to go around it. What you do on the iPod and iPad is just delete whatever twitter application you’re using, then just install it again from the App store. That’s it.
  • As for the BB, it’s takes just a little bit longer. But really, all you have to do is download the twitter application again, using the browser on your BB. Install it, it’ll ask you if it’s OK to replace the old version. Click OK, restart the phone, and your done.
  • The same principle should apply to Android phones, but I wouldn’t know, I don’t have an Android.

I got everything to work again, but it did give me a much un-needed headache before I figured it out. Here’s Twitter’s support page, it explains the problem, but doesn’t help much with the solution. Problem name is OAuth or something terrible like that. I’m just glad everything works again.

Now if only someone can tell me where the hell is the New Lulu Hyper market is? Tweet me here. I really want to go there!


How to back up or get music from iPod without iTunes

My previous post about getting back your music or videos from iPod\iPad got people confused. Because I had used the word “Free” in the title, it miss led some readers to think I meant to steal music.

However, what I meant was to introduce a new way to get back your music or video (or other people’s) if ever find your self in a position where you can’t use iTunes anymore. Which is the case with me these days after my MacBook died and I had to install a new Hard Disc.

I couldn’t use iTunes anymore, because it meant that all my pictures (the last few ones  that I do have left on the iPad) will get wiped and deleted. I still have to find a way to extract them. But in the mean time, I did manage to get back my music and videos; which was what I was trying to explain in my previous post 😉

Get music from other peoples’ iPods for free

Update: Read this.

You know how every iPod\iPad has to be synced with just one iTunes library? And how it means that you can never get songs or videos you like from your friends’ devices? Well, there is a very simple program that allows you to take what ever music or video you like out of other iPods.

Double Twist is very simple to use (and free). You just run it, connect the iPod, and exit iTunes. Then you take whatever you want from the iPod. Only downside is that the video names are messed up when they appear on your hard disc. But this isn’t a problem after all, because the names do appear correct when you add them back to iTunes.

If you remember, my MacBook died on me last week, which means that I can’t sync my iPod and iPad back with iTunes without losing my huge collection of music and videos. With Double Twist, I was able to get back everything. I added the stuff back to iTunes. This means that I get to sync my devices again and still have everything.

Well, not everything. The playlist ordering is gone along with genius mixes.But that isn’t a problem. I can manually make the list back on iTunes from the listing in the ipod before I sync stuff back.

I’m still not going to sync back at this time, because I haven’t found a way to get my pictures out of the iPad yet. So no syncing for me till I find a way to do that!