What should’ve won The X Factor: Sweet Dreams

Rebecca Ferguson should’ve won The X Factor finale.

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Traveling light

This is the way you pack for vacation.

Cher and Will.I.Am’s performance on The X Factor

Check out Cher Lloyd and Will.I.Am.’s performance of Where is the Love\I got a Feeling on The X Factor. Sadly, Cher got voted off after this show.

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The Walking Dead season finale tonight at 10

Don’t miss The Walking Dead’s season finale tonight at 10, on Fox Series. It has been a surprisingly great show, and I wish it wasn’t so short. I hope the finale is as good as how the show has been so far.

Tents Market – Souq el5yam

From the looks of the tents’ markets, everybody’s camping out this year. I never camp, my thing is chale, but I know lots and lots of people who enjoy it a lot.

I loved how the light was reflecting in this pic, it made it look like an episode of M*A*S*H.

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The Simpsons turn Avatar


Bad news for Walking Dead fans: season 1 has only 6 episodes!!

  • This sucks.
  • The hugely successful TV show, The Walking Dead, is only made up of 6 episodes.
  • It premiered in the States on Halloween (Oct 31st) and will have it’s season finale on Dec 5.
  • The show got aired in the Gulf just a week after Halloween, and so will end on Dec 12.
  • This really sucks, I have had a lot of fun and was always looking forward to watching it on Fox Series every Sunday night.

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Just finished watching the Walking Dead, and I liked it

wrote before about this new show, The Walking Dead, that premiered in the US last week and how it’s premiering here tonight, just a week behind its US debut.

Well, I just finished watching the series premier on Fox series, and I’m glad to say it was a good show. I’m definitely tuning to the show again next week.

It’s a bit gross with all the zombies running around, and the weird sounds they make. But it’s really not that scary, and the story is definitely different from what you usually watch on TV. I mean the story is more suited for a movie, than a TV series. I think that’s what made it entertaining.

Anyways, I was browsing the net and I found these dismembered creepy dolls. They do look like some of the zombies that were on the show tonight!