New TV Shows I’m Watching These Days

Most of my favorite TV shows have ended their season, like 30 Rock, Modern Family, the Middle, Cougar Town, Community, Gossip and Girl. So I scanned through a few of the new TV Shows, and here are the ones I liked so far:

Hot in Cleaveland: Not a new show, it came out last year. Good Show.

Happily Divorced: Only saw the pilot episode, but seems funny enough. 

Breaking In: This is a good show, saw three episodes so far, and don’t mind watching more.

Love Bites: Can’t say I like this show, cause I only parts of it (like the NYC part, but not the SF part). But check it out, you might like it. Just keep in mind, I didn’t like it that much.



This Looks Like an Amazing TV Show

Awake is a new TV show, to be shown on NBC later this year.

The story line is very very original, unlike anything we’ve seen before on TV or in the movies. It’s about a guy that loses his son and\or his wife, and is now living two separate realities. His wife is alive in one, while his son is alive in the other one.

The directing, scenes, and acting look to be great; which makes me positively hopeful about watching it when it comes out later in the year.

Al-Tahoos, Al-Jassar & 7abbaba الطاحوس، الجسار و حبابة

هذا رد الجسار و هي دكتورة… عيل شنو بيكون ردها لو قاعدة علـى شهادة الثانوية؟ وخر عني، محاربتك؟

My Favorite new comedies

Shit my Dad Says

Mike & Molly

I’ve mentioned before how much I like sitcoms. There were 5 new shows this fall that I planned to check out. And now after watching almost three episodes of each show, I can safely say that at least two of them have made it to my favorite sitcom list. I just thought of sharing them with you, in case you were looking for something fun to watch on TV.

Jersey Shore meets Sesame St.

This is what a show would look like if you merged Jersey Shore and Sesame St. together. It’s pretty hilarious.

I don’t know what’s with me and Sesame St. these days; but their videos with Katy Perry, Will.I.Am and True Blood are very entertaining.

Check out the Sesame St. videos of Katy Perry, True Blood, and SNL Elmo spoof.

Enjoy them.

New sitcom shows coming this month

Here is a few of the new sitcoms that are coming out this fall, some have already started a few days ago. I still haven’t seen any of them yet, but be sure I will, and very soon. I just love sitcoms.

Mike & Molly

Raising Hope

Running Wilde

Better with you

$#*! my dad says

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Very funny, Ellen doing Oprah’s Final season

You probably have all heard, Oprah is doing her 25th and final season this year. Ellen did a small video tribute to her, on Ellen’s own season premier. The clip ended being funny, as expected of Ellen.

I guess people love Nadia in Zwarat 5amees

I have to admit, even though I post a lot about mosalsalat Ramadan; I rarely watch any. The only exception is Zwarat 5amees, which I’ve seen a few episodes of so far.

The show started with Thnayan and Mouza having the most perfect marriage ever, even by western standards, and not by lowest of the low Gulf standards. It all changed in the last few days. It seems that Thanyan is falling in love with his sister in law, of all people. Come on, ma legait elah Nadia!!

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, the love between Thnayan and Mouza is already over, if he’s willing to cheat (or as people put it, he already has) on Mouza. Cheating with his sister just makes him an a**hole, as well as a big time cheater.

Anyways, it seems that Nadia had a few supporters of her own. Have a peek at the picture to get an idea of her brainless idiot bunch of supporters.

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