Happy 4th of July to All Our American Friends, From All Your Kuwaiti Friends

Happy 4th of July USA from Kuwait

Forgot to add: This goes out first to my dear dear friend snowinq8… Happy 4th of July darling xoxo


American Fighter Jet Crashes in Libya

  • An American fighter jet crashed in Libya, near Bengazi.
  • It had two crew members, who successfully ejected from the plane via parachute.
  • One member has been recovered already, while a rescue underway to get the other.
  • Both crew members are ok with only been injured slightly.
  • The plane was not shut down by Libyan forces.
  • Technical and mechanical mishaps might be behind the crash.

Check the Telegraph for more details.

I want to go the opposite way

I want to go the opposite way, like Kuwait-LA, Kuwait-London, Kuwait-New York… Anywhere really.

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The Love Hotel

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I don’t really know where this love hotel is exactly, but it’s somewhere in the US in Taiwan. (thx S.)

You can check out more lovelier pics here.

A kiss is just a kiss, sometimes it’s more

This picture is taken from the last page of today’s Al-Qabas.

Way to go Al-Qabas, I’m speechless, all I can say is wow. And keep them coming.

The pic is historically known as V-Day or V-J Day in Times Square, and it symbolizes the end of WW2.

Is Donald Trump running for president of the USA?

It seems that Donald Trump wants to run for president of the USA. This is what The Donald had to say about it:

“I’ve had so many people over the years ask me to do that and for the first time in my life I am absolutely thinking about it.

“I don’t know that I’ll do it. It’s probable that I won’t do it but I can tell you, I’m thinking about it. Somebody has to do something, we are losing this country. This country will not be great if something isn’t done rapidly.”

He might have a good chance, considering that there is no real strong candidate for the Republication party to run against President Obama.

This could get interesting if he really runs for office! I don’t see it as a bad idea at all, I think the Donald would be good.

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Cheap private islands for sale

Did you know that there are many private islands for sale, all around the world? And at affordable and reasonable prices?

Here are 11 of these private islands:

  • The ones on show here range in price from just $595 thousand to $3.5 million.
  • Some are small at just .32 acres, while others can be quite large at 74 acres.
  • The locations also vary; from several of the United States, to a couple of places in Canada, to Norway, and the Bahamas.

A lot of these islands are cheaper than the average extra-ordinary house in Kuwait. How ironic is that? However, some of these islands are quite horrible or are undeveloped.

My personal preference is of course the Bahamas, and for some odd reason, the one in North Carolina, USA. Click here for more details.

Feel free to buy an island and invite us over for a BBQ!

McDonald in the States

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Look at these gorgeous pictures. Don’t you want to go to McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and for everything in between?

Our local menus suck in comparison. Do we even have half the stuff here? I don’t think so. Bummer.

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