Attention All Bloggers

VIVA has big plans for some interesting and entertaining events for bloggers, and would like to cover everyone by getting their contact details.

All you have to do is send your details to

VIVA is serious about the new social medias, like Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs. They view the blogging world as an important element, just like regular press and traditional marketing.

And VIVA does throw some of the best events for bloggers out there. The attention and care and interest they pay to bloggers is overwhelming and nice. I’ve been to a few VIVA events myself, like the VIVA-iPhone launch (here and here) and the premier of X-Men First Class (hereherehere). You can expect to have a great time, be taken seriously, and meet some senior VIVA personnel on the way too.

Don’t forget to send your details to


Excellent News From VIVA تفائلوا بالخير ياعملاء فيفا!/SalmanAlBadran/status/82202249790631937

Everyone around me knows how loyal of a client I am to Zain, for almost 20 years now; but that has never stopped me from criticizing them. Zain, being the 1st ever mobile operator in Kuwait had a million advantages over its competitors, and was able to rule the market in terms of # of clients, geographical reach, coverage… etc.

All of this said, it shouldn’t deter the other Telecom companies from trying to provide better services in Kuwait. For example, I’ve always had problems with VIVA’s coverage in a lot of areas; like chale, wafra, and the airport. No matter how great VIVA is in offers, customer service, and honesty; if their network doesn’t work, not a lot of people are going to stick with them.

That’s why this new tweet by VIVA’s CEO is making me super optimistic. According to Mr. Salman Al-Badran, VIVA’s coverage issues will all be solved before the end of the month. That is like music to my ears.

I know I am from that kind of people who look at change with suspicious eyes, which is the main reason why I’m stuck with super expensive & poor customer service Zain for almost 2 decades. But still, I would love to have a VIVA phone that works anywhere I am in inside of Kuwait; be it chale, Garrouh, Wafra, or anywhere else.

Excellent news VIVA. I’m looking forward to your complete coverage, may you have great luck in this endeavor.

The Best iPhone Offer in Kuwait – Free from VIVA

Yesterday I posted about Zain’s attractive iPhone offer. Now it seems that VIVA has come up with a much more amazing offer.

Check it out. You get the white iPhone 4 for free. VIVA’s offer beats Zain’s in both # of free minutes and messages, AND you get a free Golden VIP number on top of all this too.

About to Go in See the Movie

Mr. Al-Ya3goub is explaining how hard it was to get the right to show the X-Men movie early, even before its release in the States.

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World Exclusive Movie Premier by VIVA


VIVA invited us tonight to watch the premier of a blockbuster movie, 2 full days ahead of its USA release. VIVA was able to get Warner Bothers approval for this special early premier.

Just Received the Motorola Xoom from VIVA


VIVA sent me the latest tablet device, the Motorola Xoom, to try out for a few days.

First thing I noticed was the many wires and accessories it had. There was this thing that looks like external speakers, with HDMI ports and stuff. I’m going to try and connect the Xoom to the TV, and check playback quality.

It’s going to take a couple of hours to charge, which means I can’t start playing yet.

You can get your Motorola Xoom from VIVA, starting from KD99.

VIVA is Letting Me Review the New Motorola Xoom

VIVA is giving me a Motorola Xoom to try out for a couple of days. I should be getting the new gadget tomorrow, hopefully that is. I’ve never used an Android based gadget before, so it should be very interesting to see how it compares to Apple’s IOS.

VIVA has an amazing offer on the Xoom, where you can get it starting from KD99.

VIVA Launches Motorola Xoom in Kuwait

 VIVA launched the new Motorola Xoom Tablet today. You can get it for KD99 with VIVA’s internet package.

You can check Xoom’s specs here. This is one of the iPads’s strongest competitors, and it’s worth checking out at this amazing price.