I’m liking VIVA More & More

Remember that dinner party VIVA threw for bloggers last week, to launch the new VIVA\Apple exclusive iPhone4 deal? Where it also gave bloggers free new iPhone4s?

VIVA was very courteous and respectful to all attendees during that dinner. Everyone I know was impressed by VIVA, it’s CEO, and the super friendly VIVA staff.

Well, VIVA managed to add a new level of respect to that night. It took ads in today’s papers thanking bloggers for attending that dinner party. This is so sweet and nice of VIVA. VIVA is a huge corporation, and it’s a huge honor to be thanked by a company that big. It also shows VIVA’s respect to the new forms of media out there today.

Thank you VIVA. There was no need to thank us, it was really our pleasure to attend your dinner.

Note: I took the liberty to circle by blog in VIVA’s ad, to show it off from the rest. It’s not everyday my blog gets mentioned in the papers. So of course, it’s not really boxed like that in the real ad.


VIVA’s Exclusive iPhone Deal with Apple

VIVA announced yesterday that it struck a deal with Apple to be the sole distributer and technical support agent for the iPhone.

The deal starts now with the iPhone 4, with amazing deals that start from just KD 69.99. And it will continue on with the new iPhone5, when it launches later this year.

As you can see from the above table, most of your monthly bill will be kept for you as credit towards your monthly bill. So basically, you’re getting an iPhone4 at a really discounted price, while your monthly payment goes towards settling your bill. It is truly an amazing offer.


VIVA held a special bloggers\media event  to announce this new deal, and gave every attendee, including me, a free iPhone4 as an awesome gift.

During the launch event, I met with VIVA’s CEO, Mr. Salman Al-Badran, and got to chat with him for a bit. He’s a very interesting person, whom is super friendly and very social, and who also seems to be enjoying his time here in Kuwait. We got to talk a little about VIVA’s recent sponsorship of the first Kuwaiti, Mrs. Maryam Al-Jouaan, visit to the south pole. Mr. Al-Badran stressed VIVA’s commitment towards social and community responsibility.

Thank you VIVA, thank you Mr. Al-Badran, and thank you Ms. May for inviting us to your media event. I came out of the evening with increased respect for VIVA and its people. Good luck VIVA in all your future efforts.

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Watch VIVA’s Mothers Day Video

After the success of last year’s Mother’s Day Video Greeting Booth, VIVA will be holding the same event at the Avenues Mall On March 18 & 19.

The Mother’s Day Video Greeting Booth at the Avenues is where people can create memorable video wishes to their mothers in innovative ways – for free. A dedicated production team will edit these videos and upload them on VIVA’s YouTube channel, so participants can share them with their mothers & family! They will also have their pictures taken at the booth, and then have them printed directly onto a greeting card prepared by VIVA’s team.

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VIVA’s New Song with Abdullah Rwaished أغنية فيفا الجديدة مع عبدالله الرويشد

اغنية فيفا بمناسبة الأعياد الوطنية، اسمها تدور الأرض و من غناء عبدالله الرويشد

You can download the song from here.

Thank you Abdulrazzaq Al-Shammali from VIVA-Kuwait for the links.

Check out VIVA’s new Kuwait’s National Celebration Commercials

VIVA-Kuwait has come up with 5 short patriotic commercials to celebrtae Kuwait’s natioanl celebrations, emphasizing the great Kuwaiti traditions of respect, kindness, and solidarity. There are a total of 5 videos, each of them is short and sweet.

قامت فيفا-الكويت بعمل ٥ دعايات وطنية جميلة مشاركة منها في احتفالات الكويت الوطنية، و كل من هالدعايات تكرس قيم كويتية قديمة و جميلة… شوفوهم كلهم، الأفلام قصيرة و تحسسكم بالفخر

This is my favorite, it made me feel so proud.

This is also another video that I love so much.

بمناسبة حلول الذكرى الخمسين للعيد الوطني والعشرين لعيد التحرير، اطلقت شركة الإتصالات الكويتية  VIVA  وتزامناً مع هذه المناسبة العزيزة على قلوب الكل ، حملة “هذا الكويتي”  حيث ستتطرق الحملة ومن خلال إعلانات توعية إلى مفاهيم نابعة من القيم الأخلاقية المتأصلة من المجتمع الكويتي وهي : الإحترام، الفزعة، التجانس، حب الوطن، التواصل، حيث ان هذه الصفات كانت بالمجتمع الكويتي و لا تزال.

تهدف  VIVAمن خلال هذه الحملة إلى بث الروح الوطنية والترويج عن القيم الأخلاقية الشائعة في المجتمع الكويتي منذ الأزل ورفع المعنويات وتعزيز إيمان الكويتيين  بوطنهم وبمجتمعهم، حيث أنها تحتوي على رسائل مباشرة وبسيطة بعيدة عن أسلوب الإرشاد والنصح المعتاد.

شارك في هذه الحملة كل من الشاعر الكبير بدر بورسلي والفنانة القديرة سعادعبدالله، الذين ساهموا من خلال أصواتهم و بشكل تطوعي من غير أي مقابل ولأول مرة خلال مسيرتهم الفنية التي امتدت لأكثر من 50 عام، وذلك لما تحمله هذه الإعلانات من قيم نبيلة ووطني.

Coinciding with Kuwait’s 50th National Day and 20th Liberation Day anniversary, VIVA launched a national campaign titled “This is Kuwait “or “Hatha Al Kuwaiti” where selected Kuwaiti traditional values are addressed through TVCs about: Respect, Care, Harmony, Nationalism, and Communication, which represent the essence of  the Kuwaiti society.

VIVA aims from this campaign to spread national spirit, and promote some of Kuwait’s ethical values that have been around for many years, and to raise the spirit and strengthen the faith of Kuwaitis in their homeland and society through direct messages, away from typical guidance.

The campaign was enriched by the participation of well-known Kuwaiti figures like the honorable artist, Souad Al Abdullah and the great poet, Bader Bouresli, who have voluntarily contributed through their voices for the first time in their careers that spanned over than 50 years, due to the sense of noble and patriotic purpose of the TVCs.

Thank you Abdulrazzaq Al-Shammali from VIVA-Kuwait for the links.

VIVA’s Samsung Galaxy offer

You can get the Galaxy for free, or pay KD 60 for it, depending on what subscription you’ve got with Viva. Check out their website for more details.

How the Samsung Galaxy Tab might be better than iPad

Samsung have come up with an interesting strong rival to the very successful iPad. Samsung calls it the Galaxy Tab. Here is why it’s better than the iPad:

  • The Galaxy Tab is half the weight of the iPad, at just 13 ounces vs. 24 for the iPad, makes it easier to watch movies and read books on the go.
  • It’s a lot smaller (7″ screen), which means you can put it in your pocket or purse without problems.
  • Customizable home screens.
  • Dictate text instead if typing it.
  • Two cameras, front and rear, with Flash and video controls. This makes it feel like an extra large camera.
  • SD memory slot.
  • Supports flash on websites.

Now come the weaknesses:

  • You can only view mobile versions of websites, not full size sites.
  • Can not be charged from a computer, only from a wall outlet.
  • Most applications in the Android market were designed for an Android phone, not the larger Galaxy Tab. Google hasn’t come out yet with an over ride for developers to overcome this.
  • A bit pricy at $600.
  • Shorter battery life of 6 hours, vs. 10 for the iPad.

The good news about all this is that you can get the Galaxy Tab for free from VIVA-Kuwait, if you subscribe to their internet service. You check Viva’s site for more details.

Technical (using my own words) comparison was taken from Yahoo’s Finance review. Viva’s offer poster was taken from BananaQ8, many thanks for the pic.

Get an iPad for just KD 5 with Viva

Hurry up if you want to get these amazing prices, today is the last day for these wow offers.