Wataniya Airways Going Bust طيران الوطنية يواجه الإفلاس

Today’s newspapers don’t print a good picture for Wataniya Airline’s future, it really looks like Wataniya is going bust. Apparently, the capital increase that urgently needed to get the company back on its feet has failed, on account of several debtors refusing to re-negotiate their multi-million dinar financial dues. This is extremely heartbreaking, as most of us have fell in love with Wataniya’s professional service, elegant fleet, and superb services.

واجه شركة الخطوط الوطنية خيارات صعبة، بعد أن أعلنت أمس فشل المفاوضات التي كانت تجريها مع شركة ألافكو لتمويل تأجير وشراء الطائرات بشأن تسويات مالية مستحقة لشركة ألافكو

وأعلن مجلس إدارة الشركة فشل مشاريع الإنقاذ التي كان يبذلها لزيادة رأسمال الشركة بمقدار 15 مليون دينار وإعادة تشغيلها من جديد، بعد أن توقفت منذ مارس الماضي مع تغيير نموذج أعمالها الذي اصطدم بعقبات عدة
وقال رئيس مركز الشال للاستشارات جاسم السعدون لـ”رويترز” أمس إن مستقبل الشركة لا يبدو جيداً بعد فشلها في اتخاذ خطوة تشجع المساهمين على زيادة رأس المال

وأضاف السعدون: “الانطباع الأولي أنه عندما لا يتعاون معهم الدائنون (فإن) الأمر سيؤول إلى إشهار الإفلاس”، مبيناً أن الاحتمال الأكبر الآن “هو اتجاه الشركة إلى التصفية، وإن كان الأمر لم يغلق تماماً فهناك دائما احتمالات مفتوحة بأن يأتي مستثمر استراتيجي يتحمل العبء الأكبر لزيادة رأس المال وينقذ الشركة”، واصفاً هذا الاحتمال بأنه “غير كبير لكنه موجود”
وكانت الجمعية العمومية لشركة الخطوط الوطنية الكويتية أجلت في 30 مايو الماضي البت في زيادة رأسمال الشركة لحين اتضاح الموقف بشأن المفاوضات التي تجريها مع “ألافكو”


Hopeful News from Wataniya Airways

From Al-Jareeda newspaper

Wataniya Airways will try to increase its capital and attempt to restructure the Co. This comes as great news after last week’s sudden cancellation of all flights.

What Happened to Wataniya Airways?

What happened? Wataniya Airways suspended all of its flights suddenly and without warning.

It looks like the suspension is immeditae. This is a tweet from them, telling their stranded passengers to show their tickets to a Jazeera or Kuwait Airways counter.

This is very sad. I hope Wataniya aren’t going out of business. I know they’ve already reduced their routes back in December, but I thought things will pick up again.

I think all of their obligations were a result of that Austrian Airline collaboration thing. I wish they stuck to their own routes instead.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s papers say about Wataniya.

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Wataniya Airport’s New Cafes

On our way to Dubai last week, I noticed two new cafes\dessert\snack places in Sh. Sa’ad Wataniya Airways airport.

One is a cinnebun place called CinnZeo, while the other is a frozen yogurt place called Yogen Fruz. They’re both upstairs in the same hall as Starbucks.

What’s unique about Yogen Fruz are the different varying strange frozen yogurt flavors, like Key lime pie and stuff. And what’s also unique is how they blend the toppings into the frozen yogurt, like in a McFlurry. Or you can have the toppings on top, like all the other usual places.

Both of these new cafes open till 10 p.m.

Wataniya Airways 2 for 1 offer

Take a break


Go away, refresh, get happy, come back; and all this might just be a nightmare.

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Sad news from Wataniya Airways

  • Wataniya Airways will stop their flights to Bahrain, Amman, Jeddah, and Damascus.
  • Frequency of flights to Dubai will also be reduced.
  • These changes will take affect from Dec 5, 2010.

This is truly sad. I don’t fly on Wataniya much, but having the airline there when making a booking adds much needed competition in terms of both service and price.

I hope this is just temporary, and that they would atleast add the Bahrain & Jeddah routes soon.


Great Weekend offers from Wataniya Airways

Business Class tickets.
Includes 2 nights stay in Middle East and 3 nights stay in Europe.
Includes hotels taxes and service charges.
Excludes airlines tax and airport charges.