7 Train Pleasures

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
7 Train Pleasures

Natasha, 22, lived a very lonely and organized life. Everyday she would get up to what felt like her deadend job with nothing to look forward to then to take customers complaints and fill out paperwork when the customers complain. It was like this from monday thru friday, with her days off on the weekend but unfortunatly for Natasha, it was a monday. Natasha is on her nice royal blue bed with her pink nightgown on where you can see a little of her breasts. The alarm clock goes off as Natasha groans, knowing what day it is as she reaches over to the alarm clock, pressing down on it angerly. She opens her eyes, rubbing them as she wakes up and goes into the bathroom for a shower. Natasha is a beautiful russian 5'9, hazel blue eyes, long golden /blonde/">blonde hair and fairly skinny. She closes up the robe on her while she brushes her teeth and splashes water on her face, trying to wake herself up.

Natasha then remembers something in her dreams as she says to herself, "wow, i'm glad that was only a dream" remember that she was in a bed with another sexy, russian woman going to have sex but it ended there knowing that she was completely against anything lesbian but she still felt a warm feeling in her pussy but she shook it off, knowing she has to get to work. She opens the shower certains, opening the water faucets while she takes off her robe. She has /breasts/big-breast/nice-big-breasts/">nice big breasts, D-cup with a well shaven pussy and a round, firm ass. She enters the shower, taking a washcloth, while cleaning herself up with a bar of soap. Again, she starts thinking of that dream she had, this time she finds herself putting the bar of soap on her pussy, rubbing it as she let's out a soft "ohh" and then she thinks to herself "what am i doing?!" She then proceeds to finish up and get dressed.

She is dressed in her nice business suit with nice black tights that show off her round, firm ass and her business suit has a bit of clevage you can just see the outlining of her breasts but not by much. She finally left after an hour of getting over that dream she had and really, she hasn't realized that she has been getting wet ever since that bathroom incident. She ran down to the subway, where she waited for the 7 train as there were a couple of very well developed ladies standing around her. Natasha felt a bit weird but she opened up a newspaper she bought before arriving at the train station as then the number 7 train come pulling in. For some reason, the /women/">women were getting close to Natasha, while the other people started running in the train like a pack of wild animals.

Natasha found herself pushing herself in with the other the wwwxxx ladies around her, where she know felt like a can of tuna fish stuck in between all the people, especially these five ladies who have happened to surround themselves with Natasha in the middle, but in Natasha's state of thinking of arriving at work on time, she didn't think much of it, continuing to read her newspaper. One of the woman that was surrounding Natasha, who has long /brunette/">brunette hair, about 5' 6 with a nice body reaches over slowly to touch Natasha on her thigh. Natasha thought it was a mistake since the train did jerk a bit but then she started feeling more hands creep up near her thighs as she thought "maybe if i stay still, they'll leave me alone."

Tried as she might, the hands kept going nearer and nearer to Natasha's crotch area. She kind of went back but little did she know, there were hands waiting there that almost broke through her tight fitted pants, rubbing her now aroused clit. "Oh God, oh god!" wwwxxx she thought as they were attacking her pussy, rubbing it like if their hands could smell cum, which it was now because of their roaming hands.

Natasha thought of ways out of this but no matter how hard she tried to fight this feeling, hands started slipping into her tight fitted pants, entering her now soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, sliding their hands in and out of her throbbing pussy. "Mmmmmm" escaped her lips as she couldn't resist any longer, letting the hands have their way with her. Suddenly her stop approached as her mind woke up, exiting the train with one last ditch attempt. The problem was her pussy was so wet, she didn't know what to do and what was worst was, the ladies on the train came off with her!

Natasha asks them, "who are you?"

The brunette woman said, "follow me, sexy."

They each grabbed her hand, almost dragging her down the subway station, walking a block where they bring her into a house. They close and lock the door as she now has sweat pouring down her face.

Natasha asks, "what is going on here? You can't do this to me, i'll call the cops!"

They all laugh, each and every single one of them. The brunette lady steps in front of Natasha, smiling.

The Brunette lady says, "baby, you'll be begging us for more when we are done with you."

The ladies surround Natasha, grabbing at her suit, ripping it off but over their heads, Natasha's protests go unheard. They start taking off Natasha's pants and suit, leaving her just with pink panties and a black bra. She covers herself up, not wanting them to see her. "Stop" she says but they all smirk, knowing she wants this as badly as they do. Then they start running their hands all over Natasha's body, touching her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples and her soaked pussy. They lay her down as Natasha has given up, knowing it's useless now. They take off her bra, rubbing her nipples and licking her nipples with their tongues. The red haired woman with smaller tits than the other bends down, licking Natasha's pussy as Natasha jumps a bit, not expecting her to do that. "Pl - Please St ..." Her cries for them to stop turn into moans, making her body betray her.

Her mind is trying to fight it but her body is enjoying every second of it as she proceeds to get a cunt lapping she never got in her life. The brunette woman is massaging her breasts, sucking on them. Then Natasha does something she never expected to do in her entire life and that is kiss this other blonde woman with green eyes. They continue to do this until Natasha can feel a warm feeling in her pussy and she starts to orgasim as she let's out a loud "Ohhhhh Goddd, this feels so good!" They all chuckle as then they stop licking and sucking on Natasha's breasts and pussy.

Natasha says, "now, it's my turn."

They all seem very impressed that she mumured those words out of her mouth.

The Brunette woman lays down, taking off her skirt and panties, opening her pussy with her fingers for Natasha to lick. She licks it as the brunette moans.

The brunette woman says, "Oh my, you are good at this."

She bends over as another one of the ladies, the redhaired woman goes over to a drawer and takes out a massive dildo and some oil. She squirts the oil in Natasha's behind and the dildo. The redhaired woman starts slowly inserting the rubber dildo in and out of her ass as Natasha instead of feeling pain, let's out a moan as the redhaired woman goes faster and faster. Then they all join in on the fun as each lady gets a rubber dildo, putting some oil on it and shoving it in and out of each others pussies. A river of cum comes out of Natasha as all the ladies slow down after each orgasim, kissing each other with passion.