Alyshas Fast Food

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Alyshas Fast Food

Last week I had to work at the office really, really late. I was on my way home at around 2 a.m. when I got the munchies and decided to stop off at a fast food place for a burger. When I got there, it was pretty dead. There was one girl behind the counter, and a single diner sitting in a corner by himself. I ordered a Big Mac and fries and sat at a table across the room from him. I started to eat.

I glanced across to the other guy when I heard him moan. He was facing me, but seemed entirely oblivious to me. I was puzzled as I watched him. He was staring down into his lap and making weird faces like he was in pain? or ecstacy? I couldn?t decide which. Then I noticed that there was a pair of /feet/">feet wearing white sneakers poking out from behind his table. 

?What?s going on?? I thought to myself.

I decided to take a closer look. I quietly got up and walked over to the place where people are supposed to put their food trays after they are finished with them. But my eyes were on that other guy?s table. As I got closer to my destination, I could see more and more around the other side of this guy?s table. There definitely were legs associated with those feet. Someone was on their knees on the floor. And then I saw a very /butts/cute-butt/">cute butt wearing the same black pants the girl behind the counter was wearing. I glanced over towards the serving counter? the other girl was still there.

I dropped off my tray, but just stood there, my eyes fixed on the very bizarre scene in the corner. From the way things looked, I was pretty sure it was a girl kneeling there, even though I could not see her face. And from the rhythmic movement of her /cute/">cute behind, it was pretty obvious what she was doing? she was giving this guy a blowjob.

Finally the guy grunted and jerked a few times. I knew what that meant? that girl, whoever she was, was getting a mouthful of cum. And then I saw the guy relax. Until he looked up and saw me. His eyes grew wide with panic. He whispered something down into his lap and then pretended to take a bite of his burger. I smiled at him and returned to my table. I sat down just in time to see a pretty /blonde/">blonde on her knees backing out from behind his table, and then standing up. She looked over at me and smiled. Then she looked at her guy.

?Would you like fries with that?? she asked him playfully.

He nervously shook his head and slipped her what looked like a twenty dollar bill. Then he got up and left, taking his tray with him. He left the restaurant quickly. I watched him drive away. Meanwhile, his girl had started to wipe tables. As she leaned over tables to wipe them, I again noted her very cute bum. 

She wore a baseball-style company cap with her long blonde ponytail poking through the back. She wore the orange company top, her black pants and sneakers. She looked to be about eighteen or so. She had a very pretty face. And when she smiled at me, my heart melted. She was VERY pretty. And her slim figure made even that uniform look great. I slowly chewed my burger but, to be honest, I wasn?t that hungry anymore. I was just damn horny.

When this girl started wiping the table next to me, I went for broke.

?So? did that guy give you a big tip?? I asked her nervously.

?Uh huh,? she smiled. Then she looked at me, tilted her head coyly and asked? ?Do you give big tips too??

I swallowed hard.

?It depends on the service,? I said, my voice quivering.

?Well,? she continued. ?I give VERY good service.?

Then I watched in amazement as she left the cloth she?d been wiping tables with on the table, slowly walked towards me? and kneeled on the floor by my chair. I pushed my chair back and turned it a bit to give her room to scoot into position. Her nimble hands went straight to my belt to undo it. Then my zipper. She smiled up at me and I saw her bright blue eyes. I glanced at her name badge? it read: ?Alysha?. 

?That?s an unusual spelling? I said to myself, just before Alysha?s pretty face disappeared into my lap. 

It felt warm and wet as her mouth gently surrounded my prick. 

?Hmmmmmm,? she moaned softly as her head started to slowly and rhythmically bob up and down. 

?Oh God,? I sighed breathlessly. This girl was GOOD. 

I couldn?t see her face, so I just watched her cute ponytail swaying slightly with the to and fro movement of her head. And then I glanced down at her cute behind again. The way she was kneeling, I could see her bum very well. Her pants were so nice and tight with her leaning so far into my crotch. I reached down with one hand and started to fondle her bum.

?Hmmmmmmmmm,? she purred approvingly.

I then noticed that, because it was dark outside and I was so close to the window, the window essentially was a mirror. Looking into it, I COULD see her face, including her /sweet/">sweet, sweet mouth on my cock.

?The window is like a mirror,? I told her calmly. ?You can see yourself.?

Then I watched as her eyes turned towards the window. From then on, she WAS watching herself? and obviously enjoying it. Gawd! What a turn-on that was for me!!!

Then a frightful thought entered my head. With it being dark outside and light inside, it was as if this girl and I were on a stage in the spotlights. Anyone walking by outside surely could see us. I thought about telling her. But there was NO WAY I wanted Alysha to stop what she was doing. I just watched the window for any sign of movement outside.

I was still a few minutes from shooting my load when I noticed three guys walking by really close to the window. At first I thought they?d missed us. But then I heard one of them call out? ?Hi Alysha.?

The three entered the restaurant and ordered their meals. They were laughing and glancing over at me. One of them gave me the thumbs up sign.

Soon, they were sitting together at a table not far away? talking, laughing and? watching.

I was too far gone to care.

Soon I grunted and alain lyle porn jerked, and felt jet after jet of /semen/">semen and sperm erupting out of my cock into Alysha?s soft mouth. She kept sliding her mouth back and forth along my shaft, but more gently. Soon after I stopped? she stopped. Then she just waited there with her head still deep in my crotch and my cock still deep in her mouth. She was waiting for me to get soft. I reached down and fondled her bum again.

?Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,? she purred again.

Finally, she let me slip out of her mouth, smiled up at me? and swallowed. Then she went back down to suck a little more and lick me clean.

?Would YOU like fries with that?? she asked me, again so indian santali xvideo playfully, when she stood up.

?I already have fries,? I told her lovingly.

Then I slipped her twenty bucks.

?Thanks,? she said, and winked. ?Come back tomorrow?? she asked hopefully.

I nodded lamely. How could I NOT come back?

Well? unlike the first guy, I had hardly even touched my burger by the time Alysha had finished blowing me. And, now that my nervousness was subsiding, I was starting to get hungry. 

As I Picked up my burger, I watched Alysha go straight over to the guys at the other table. Man! She had a cute little butt!!!

I casually ate the rest of my burger and fries and sipped down my root beer as Alysha kneeled to serve all three guys at the table two down from me. They all stood up so she could serve all of them at once. And she kneeled to face my direction. Both hands stroking the cocks at either side, her nimble mouth moved back and forth from one cock to another. Every so often she glanced my way. And even though her mouth was full of cock, I could tell from the twinkle in her eyes that she was still smiling at me.

She was still blowing the three of them when I left. As I walked out, I passed another guy walking in? Alysha?s next customer, no doubt. I stood outside the window a few more minutes to watch Alysha being rewarded for all her heard work with three big mouthfuls of cum, which she again swallowed. It appeared that these guys each gave her only ten bucks each, but she seemed more than happy with that. And then she immdediately went over to serve her next customer.

That?s when I left. A few nights later, while going through my now nightly routine of ordering a big Mac and watch Alysha at work, I asked her co-worker behind the counter if Alysha did this every night.

?She does,? she said with a smile. ?When it starts to get quiet around here, around two or so, she starts up and usually goes until about six. She has about fifteen regulars who come in and a smattering of others. She gives me thirty percent of the tips.? Then this also very /blonde/cute-blonde/">cute blonde named Anna smiled slyly. ?But if there are too many for her to handle, she makes me work for it too.?