My first 1

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My first 1

100% fiction!

Me and my friend were at a high school dance...anyway. We r not sluts but since it was kind of last minute....I was wearing all of her clothes. I had to wear a thong bc she had no other clean underwear. The theme of the social was Christmas so we dressed up in short shorts and each wore a glittery /santa/">santa hat and red tees. We were dancing and our pants ripped. We wet into the bath room and figured there was no way to fix it with what we has so we took them off and tied them around our waists. We made a run for her phone which was on the other side of the lighted /gym/">gym bc some boys just go to hang out and play sports there.

On our way my shorts fell off leaving me there in the smallest thong like ever! I noticed and went back for them...but by then it was too late. Too many boys had already seen me. I pick up my shorts and ran out the doors, and a few seconds later I saw my friend and pulled her into the bathroom. "what happened" she said as she hugged me. " I don't know.... Half of the boys that were int the gym just saw me half naked...did u get ur phone?" "ya" she said as she showed I to me..."I'll call my brother" she said as she diled a #. I herd someone say hello and she said "come pick us up...and bring a blanket"and she /hung/">hung up.

A little while later, she said wait here. I did and after a about 30 seconds, I herd the door open and without even thinking about it, ran and hugged, who I thought, was my friend. When I realized it wasn't my friend I flipped! It was the boy I liked, and I was hugging him in nothing but a thong and t shirt! He looked confused and I ran into one of the stalls, but before I could get the door locked he burst in. I cover myself up and said I'm sorry over and over again until he kissed me. That was my first kiss. We made out for a minute or two. Then we herd the click of the door opening and he jumped on to the toilet and pushed me out of the stall. I saw my friend and she had a blanket that she told me to wrap around me. I was about to say something about just making out with my crush but right before I could the door opened again and I quickly wrapped the blanket around me. She went over to shoo who ever it was out of the bathroom.

I took a step back to peek in the stall that held my crush and he had his pants off and is rock hard , 8 inch cock was staring back at me. I was about to flip when he held his finger up to his lips to shush me. We r only in 18! I told my friend to go buy me a tampon from the locker room bc before we go home I need to change mine. She said kk.... And left . I ran into the stall and asked him what the fuck was going on until he grabbed a pen out of his pocket and I wrote my number on his hand .my friend showed up and handed me the tampon that i felt /bad/">bad just throwing away bc I didn't need it. So I went into the stall with my cruch in it, sat on the toilet that he was straddling , took the tampon, threw it away, and to make up for how long it should take silently kissed and liked the head of his cock to tease him befor bursting out of the bathroom to leave.

We got in the car and were greeted by Her 2 brothers. Since iv always known her, I knew that when we were little, her brother Jacob had the "hots" for me. He was 2 years younger, And he still did have the "hots" for me.She sat in front, and I sat in back by Jacob while her older brother who was in high school, pulled out of the drive way of the school. Jacob whispered in my ear something that I couldn't make out so I just nodded my head. He then put his hand in the blanket and started stroking my pussy, which was wet from my crush. I was offended and realized that he thought I still liked him...or maybe he asked me if I liked him and if I was horny....and since I nodded my head he thought it was ok. He moved over my thong and fingered me. I was now getting wet from him and still wet from my crush, which I will call R.

We pulled in the drive way of her house and he yanked out his arm when he saw Lauren look back she got out of the car and opened up my door to let out Jacob and I. I thanked her older brother for the ride and we ran inside. She said that I looked shocked from getting humiliated, which wasn't why, and she offered sitting in the hot tub. I agreed and we went looking for her swim suits, which were, of corse, at her dads. Sh said "o well, it is dark and there are a bunch of bubbles" I again agreed bc when we were little we would do it all the time and we have seen each othe naked bc we were like sisters.

We ran out there in our towels tryin not to trip in the darkness and let our towels drop to open the lid. We both had /boobs/large-boobs/">large boobs for 13 year olds but were in no way attracted to milf porn videos each other. We slipped in only opening half of the tub bc the cover was hard to get back on. There were only 3 seats open, one on the left and two on the right. We each too one on each side, me taking one on the right where there were two. We talked but I never told her about her brother or R. Once we had been in the hot tub for about 3 minutes, Jacob came out in just a towel.

He walked up the steps and asked if he could get in. We agreed and he dropped his towel revealing his cock. I was still a virgin and 2 ccocks in 1 night was a lot, although Lauren didn't say anything bc we did it all the slime when we were little. I was attracted when he say down next to me. He let out a huge sigh and looked at me . I noticed Lauren close her eyes and I did as well.

A few seconds later, I felt something touch my pussy. I jolted up but didn't disturb Lauren. I looked at Jacob and he winked. He started fingering me and he smiled when I let out a groan. I thought I had really messed up this time and looked up redy to apologize to Lauren, but she didn't look up. She just said ya...it feels good doesn't it:) I was so relived that I scooted my hand over and grabbed his dick. I gave him an under water blowjob as he kept stroking my pussy. I got up and Went over to Lauren, and whispered in her ear. I said" does your brother still like me? Would it be wrong for me to like him?" she whispered back "yes and no...do u?" "ya" she looked at me and smiled.

We got out of the water with Jacob right behind me. I'm our way in he squeezed my ass and I went into the down stairs bathroom while Lauren went to her parents upstairs one. I didn't even consider locking the door.

I was singing" ya! Starships were ment to flyyyyyyy hands up and touch the skyyyyyy can't stop cause were so highhhhhhh let's do this 1lqst do do do do......." and I felt something touch my ass. I almost screamed but then I felt Jacob spin me around and kiss me. We made out while the water ran down m back . I ssaid moaned"mmmmmmmmm" and I pulled him in closer. He was in full erect and his dick was rubbing a little above my clit.

I grabbed it and shoved it in me which took Jacob by /surprise/">surprise. I screamed when it got about 1 and a half inches in bc it hurt so bad, remembering that I was a Virgin.

He started kissing my tits which were also in full erect. I shut off the shower and grabbed a towel and walked out of the shower to the sink. He grabbed one as well and went over to the sink next to me. He asked me what was wrong and I told him about how I was a virgin.

He said wait here and came back with a condom and told me to trust him. I herd lauren con down stairs and he hid behind the door while I opened it to see Lauren standing there. She said... O well I was just coming Dow to see what happened bc I herd a scream. I felt something like my hand where Lauren couldn't see it. Jacob then put his dick and poked my ass with it.

I was Getting wet between my legs and I hoped Lauren couldn't see it. Although I was stark naked, I was afraid she would. I reassured her I was fine, and I needed to finish up my shower. She said kk and went up to make something to eat. I shut the door and punched him in the eye. "I'm soooooo sorry!!!!" "why did to do that!" " I almost got in trouble...’ go get on some clothes... And ur condom’ well pick up after dinner".

To blowjob porn videos be continued...