A love of photography final part

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A love of photography final part

Weeks went by and Alex was now settled into the routine of balancing uni work with life in the studio. So far they had covered photo shoots in fake gardens, rock pools and with animals, they had even gone out into the city with just a long coat and underwear on. To Alex this seemed a bit ?hooker? like but who was he to argue with fashion. It was now nearing the end of the catalogue shoots which meant that his time lusting after Mike was almost over, if he was ever going to make a move, now would be the time.

Alex woke up on Saturday morning, wishing he could just go back to sleep. This wasn?t because he was tired, this had something to do with the giant bulge now showing in his boxers. It seemed to happen most mornings in fact and all linked to one thing?Mike. He had being having sex dreams about Mike for some time now, no longer did he try and push them out of his mind but actually concentrated on keeping the image of Mikes perfect body, that beautiful smell of his skin and his one experience of his soft wet lips. Alex laid back down on his bed and closed his eyes, he pictured Mike?s smooth toned body and flawless skin laid next to him. Alex ran his hand over Mike?s perfected pecks and his flat stomach until he reached his bulge. He looked into Mike?s eyes and gently massaged it, feeling it slowly expanding in his hand. Slowly he reached under the waste band of Mike?s boxers and?Alex suddenly woke up again, he had fallen back to sleep and back into one of his fantasies. Rubbing his eyes and getting to his feet he decided that today was the day he was going to talk to Mike, he was tired of the unsatisfying dreams and wanted to make them a /reality/">reality.

As usual, Claire was at the side door having a morning cigarette on the phone demanding all sorts of random things for that days set.
?Look it cant be that hard to set it up ok, its not like I?m asking them to fly on their own?just sort it ok, bye? she snapped her phone shut and rammed it back in her pocket.
?Wow looks like someone is pulling out all the stops today, your getting the models to fly around now?? he sniggered and followed Claire into the building.
?Hmm I think I liked you when you just trotted around behind me doing what I told you to?.
?I?m afraid your just not that scary anymore, think you?ve lost your edge haha?
?Yeh yeh just keep up smart ass?

Instead of making their way to the main studio they entered through a door near the coffee lounge. Alex looked around and saw a smallish office with a table in the centre, sitting at it were Mr Higgins, Anita, Jimmy and a few other people in expensive looking suits.
?You don?t have to bring the boy in Claire, you can brief him after? Mr Higgins waved his hand to dismiss Alex.
?Sorry Alex, Amber is in the coffee lounge I think so just wait for me there? He nodded and left the room.
He made his way to the coffee lounge where he pushed open the door and saw Amber sat in the corner talking to Kate and Jess.
?Who are all the suits in the meeting room?? Alex grabbed a cup of coffee off the side and sat down next to Amber.
?The legal crew, today?s shoot has a lot of liability so their just covering their backs I assume.? Amber opened her makeup kit and re-applied her lip gloss.

?Know doubt they?ll be juggling knives whilst riding a horse? everyone laughed as Jess and Kate exchanged worried looks, Alex just smiled.
?Oh Alex I forgot to say, Ant was asking for you, something about giving tips on modeling?? there was something about the look on Kate?s face that gave Alex the impression that she knew something.
?Oh err right, yeh I?ll talk to him later? Amber raised a concerned eyebrow and carried on reading the magazine in front of her.
?Alex, Amber come on I need to talk to you, we?re going on a road trip? Claire ushered them towards the corridor where she was currently been bustled about by random people.
Amber and Alex made there way out of the building with Claire and headed to Claire?s car along with Jimmy. After 20 minutes on the road they pulled up to the local mall where he saw the models being chaperoned towards the main door. Alex noticed that Mike was a little way behind the rest of them and didn?t seem nearly as excited as the others.

Alex climbed out of the car followed by the others and made his way to the main door. From what he could gather from his surroundings it seemed that the mall had been temporarily shut down and was now sporting a rather strange looking harness hanging from a crane.
?Ok I?m stumped, what exactly is the theme supposed to be?? Alex turned to Claire with a confused look on his face.
?Well it?s a /crazy/">crazy flying shopper theme, isn?t it obvious? Amber nudged him and smiled.
?Actually that?s not far off. Apparently they said they are going to be super hero?s saving clothes from a scary clothes stealing witch? As Claire said it, she actually realized how bizarre it sounded.
?Ahhh that was my thought precisely? Alex gave a sarcastic all-knowing look towards Claire.
?Just be quiet you 2 and follow me?.
Muttering under her breathe, Claire lead Alex and Amber to the foot of the crane and was greeted by what looked like the crane operators. They ran her through the procedure as she was telling them what shots she was taking from what angles. Alex drifted in and out of the conversation as he caught Ant?s eye who was walking towards him.

?Hey Alex?Amber? he didn?t even glance at Amber who didn?t even seem to notice he was there either. ?So where have you been hiding that fine ass of yours lately, it?s almost like you?ve been avoiding me.?
?No, no nothing like that, I?ve just been busy and stuff, you know with Claire n Amber and that? he knew that it didn?t sound convincing at all but that?s the best he could do.
?Hmm well anyway I?m having trouble getting into the costume for today and wondered if you could help me, it?s a bit tight on here and won?t seem to pull all the way up? he ran his hands over his ass indicating his problem. Knowing this wasn?t true but having no way out of it seen as Amber wasn?t listening to help, he agreed. Ant lead him towards the changing room where it was totally disserted with only and few benches and racks in the corner. Alex shut the door and turned round to face a totally naked Ant. Even though Alex didn?t particularly like Ant he couldn?t help but stare at every inch of his gorgeous physique.
?You know Alex, rumour has it that you?ve got a thing for Mike? he advanced on Alex slowly.
?Err well, err? Ant grinned at him and interrupted.
?Don?t worry about it, know one really cares about this kind of thing, you can get away with almost anything?. He was now face to face with Alex, just as Mike had once been.

?I?m not worried really, I just, well don?t actually know what I?m interested in at the moment.
?Well allow me to give you a little taster? and with that, Ant leaned in a forcefully kissed Alex, rubbing his naked body against him, pinning him to the door. Alex was completely taken off guard, he sort of kissed back for a second and then pushed him off. How was it that when it was Mike he couldn?t get enough, but the idea of any other guy just didn?t interest him. Looking thoroughly frustrated Ant took a step back, showing his semi erect cock.
?What?s wrong, I thought you were gay? You?re saying you don?t want this? he grabbed Alex?s hand and pulled it around his now throbbing cock. For a few seconds Alex stood there and then started slowly to rub it.
?See I knew that?s what you wanted, know one can resist it really? Ant reached forward and grabbed Alex?s bulge, and started massaging it. Although it felt good, it didn?t feel right, Alex let go and went for the door.
?Sorry Ant, it?s nothing personal, I just can?t? he turned the handle and walked out, leaving a very shocked Ant on the other side. Rubbing his forehead he didn?t notice where he was walking and walked straight into Mike.
?Woa watch yourself, you have a habit of walking into me don?t you?what?s wrong?? Mikes smile faded when he caught the ashamed look on Alex?s face.
?Oh, nothing, just errr costume things? as he finished Ant walked out the door behind him, still pulling his clothes on.
?Well isn?t this a pleasant /surprise/">surprise, you should have been here earlier, could have made it interesting? Ant smirked at Mike and walked off.
?Costume things, obviously I?m not the only one getting your attention? he stormed off back up the corridor before Alex could even say anything to defend himself.
Having to focus his mind on work after that wasn?t easy, he found himself searching for Mike, ready to jump on him and apologise. Claire soon figured out that Alex was distracted, and was going to have a go at him until she saw him looking over at Mike and Mike just dismissing him.

?Are you ok Alex, you look a little distracted? she handed him a camera.
?What, oh yeh fine, just uni stuff on my mind.? he looked at her unconvincingly and handed her another camera.
?Call it a whim but maybe you should talk to whoever your concerned about? she took the camera and started putting film in the back.
Alex decided that she was right and there was no point whimpering in the corner so he waited until Mike was alone and confronted him.
?Mike about earlier I??
?Look Alex don?t worry about it, I know now that we just want different things, no porn videos download hard feelings? he patted Alex on the shoulder and walked round the corner out of sight. Alex just stood there in silence for a few seconds before deciding that he wouldn?t let the situation escape him again. He ran after Mike and saw him enter a room that was currently being used for a break room. He walked in and saw Mike at the water cooler getting a drink.
?Mike, you don?t know what happened? people were starting to come round the corner now into the room leaving no privacy for Alex to explain. Mike opened his mouth to speak but Alex put a hand up and continued.

?Tonight, meet me at the café on the end of 23rd street at 7pm and let me explain, no buts, just please come? Mike stared at him whilst people bustled around them.
Feeling that maybe he had made things better, Alex returned to Claire and attempted to complete the end of his shift without giving as many signs away as before.

By the time his shift had finished Alex was a bag of nerves, he had no idea what he was going to say to Mike he didn?t even know what to say to himself. Was he gay now? How is it that he only likes one guy and no others? Was he in love with Mike? All these questions were buzzing around his head now making him even more confused, by the time he got home he was practically shaking. The next few hours were agonizing but at least he had a basic idea of what to say to Mike. Quart to 7 came finally and Alex set off towards the café a matter of streets away. Luckily his flat mates were away visiting friends so he didn?t have to explain where he was going or why he was so nervous. The café loomed into view and a sinking feeling settled on his stomach, what happens if he doesn?t show? Twenty-past 7 arrived and still no Mike, deciding to give in he drank his 3rd coffee and headed out the door feeling thoroughly depressed. He stepped onto the sidewalk and started shuffling down the street towards home, staring at the floor. He hardly noticed that he had bashed someone out the way when he heard his name being called out.

?Alex, hey Alex hold up? Mike came jogging up behind him. ?Didn?t know whether to come or not, thought u had something important to say though so here I am?
?Ahh yeh, kind of caught me off guard, had the whole thing planned out, errrr? they stood in silence for a few seconds, the tension was unbearable.
?Alex just tell me what?s going on, we had this spark weeks ago and then ever since you avoid me and then I see you walking out of a room with Ant, still dressing himself? he took a deep breath and looked around. ?I don?t mind if your not interested or your just after sex, that?s fine it?s just not me that?s all and I?d rather know now so I don?t waste time being obsessed with you?
Alex looked up into Mikes big brown eyes and smiled.

?Your obsessed with me??
?Well not obsessed?you just?average attraction and all that? for the /first-time/">first time, Mike looked uncomfortable and embarrassed.
?Ok I?m going to be totally honest now because things are screwed up enough in my mind and I need to sort it out? he prepared himself and took a step closer to Mike. ?I like you?I really like you, I?ve never actually liked someone so much in my life and it kind of scares me being the fact that you?re a guy? Mikes face softened as he took Alex?s hand.
?Alex I xxx know what your going through, perhaps my transition was easier due to the industry and friends I had but I still know how confusing it is, I don?t want to put you in a situation that you feel pressured in?.
For some reason Alex felt emotionally drained, he couldn?t put what he was feeling into words so he did the first thing that came to his mind?he kissed him. He didn?t care who was looking or where he was all that mattered was that he was kissing the boy that he loved and he knew it now, this was how it is supposed to be. It was so passionate that Alex felt like he was floating, that the world had stopped around them and the only thing that he could feel was Mike?s warm embrace and his soft plump lips on his. They stopped after what seemed like an eternity and looked at each other.
?Nothing happened with Ant, he kissed me and grabbed my crotch but I pushed him away, all I could think about was the fact that it wasn?t you? the words were falling out of his mouth as though he was desperate for Mike to believe every one of them.

?I know, I wouldn?t let myself believe it? he smiled and ran his hand softly over Alex?s cheek.
They carried on talking and found themselves outside of Alex?s house. It had started to rain so they made there way up the front steps to the doorway out of the rain.
?Well this is me? Alex looked up at his door and then back at Mike.
?Oh so your going to be like a bad chick flick movie and ask me in for coffee?? he smiled and sucker punched Alex on the arm.
?Well actually I was going to ask if you wanted to come inside and take your trousers off but if you would much rather have coffee??
?No no, your idea sounds waaaaaay better? he ushered Alex in through the door before practically mounting him, throwing them both against the back of the elevator. They kissed and groped and took off layers for 3 floors before stumbling out of the lift and through his flat door, across the hallway and into his room.

?Wait wait?are you sure, because I don?t want to pressure you into anything? before he could finish, Alex had ripped his top off and wrestled his jeans off and cast them aside. He stood there in his boxers, wet hair surfer hair with a look of lust in his eyes. Mike instantly did the same and they stood facing each other. Alex with his slightly smaller frame but hot definition, tanned smooth skin and boyish good looks, stared at Mike with his now slightly wavy brown hair, fantastically defined body and sizable bulge. Alex walked forward and gently placed his hands either side of Mikes face and pulled him in and kissed him, their bodies slowly rubbed against each other as they wrapped their tongues around each others. They stumbled to the bed where Alex laid on top of Mike, the bulges now throbbing against their waistbands, crying to come out. Mike?s hand slid down Alex?s neck onto his small smooth shoulders, grabbing at his beautiful skin and massaging every inch of it. Slowly his hand traveled down his spine towards his ass, his most pert and youthful ass.

Mike?s hands went crazy, gripping each cheek in turn, gently trusting with every grope. He slid his hands under Alex?s boxers and felt around for his virgin hole, he quickly withdrew and stuck his finger in Alex?s mouth where he sucked on it before it returned back below the boxers. Moan after moan was released as Mike teased his finger around Alex?s hole, never quite going in just rubbing it, preparing it. Suddenly Alex rolled over and now Mike was on top, sat on Alex now rock hard 9 inch cock, gently rocking back and forth. Mike ripped off Alex?s boxers and then his own to release his 8 inch solid dick which slapped on his smooth washboard abs. He cast aside the pairs of boxers and immediately returned to what he had been longing for for so long. He bent over Alex?s smooth stomach and licked around his belly button, down over his little snail trail and onto the base of his yearning cock. He ran his to tongue all the way up his shaft as he pressed his hand down on Alex?s thriving torso. Nibbling the end he groped at his low hanging balls, massaging them in his hand whilst swallowing all 9 inch?s. He worked his tongue up and down, taking in all of his cock, as deep as he could. With one hand on the shaft he slowly jerked Alex off whilst rubbing his lips and tongue over the tip. This was too much for Alex, he let out a long euphoric moan and blasted stream after stream of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into Mike?s eagerly awaiting mouth. With a big gulp Mike swallowed it all and carried on licking ever inch of Alex?s cock making sure he didn?t miss a drop.
?Now it?s my turn? and with a devilish grin he flipped Alex over onto his front and started biting his ass, spreading the cheeks, working his way towards Alex?s innocence. Mike licked all the way around his hole, making sure it was well lubricated before shoving his tongue into Alex?s awaiting ass. Alex closed his eyes as his cock began to rise again, never

before had he felt such pleasure, his mind was blank, the only thing he could feel was the electricity running through him all over. Mike sat up and spat on his fingers which he rubbed over his shaft, moaning.

?Are you ready?? he pushed the head of his dick against Alex?s whole, waiting for permission.
?Fuck me now, I need it so badly? with a look of /ecstasy/">ecstasy, Mike slid his 8 inch?s slowly into Alex?s tight virgin ass.

Alex gave a wince of pain as he got used to the feeling, while Mike little by little edged his dick in and out. Faster and faster he forced his way in and out until the whole bed was moving with the sweaty, raw lovers! Mike could feel the tightness around his cock, sliding in and out sending wave after wave of orgasmic energy through him. He leaned forward, laying his stomach on Alex?s back and nibbled his neck, still pumping harder and harder. Reaching between Alex?s thighs, he found his cock springing up and down with the motion of Mike entering Alex?s tight virgin whole. As Mike jerked his cock he slammed harder and harder into Alex, the moaning grew louder and both knew that climax was coming. With one last groan, Alex sprayed the bedding with his second bigger load of cum whilst Mike withdrew his cock and shot hot cum all over Alex?s back before collapsing on top of him with utter exhaustion and satisfaction. He grabbed some tissues from the night stand and cleaned off the sex off of Alex?s back. They laid together in each others embrace, bodies tightly pressed together. Never before had Alex loved someone so much, any other relationship he had had did not seem on any level compare to this one. With that happiest of thoughts they kissed passionately one last time before drifting off to sleep.