Chris and Vinny

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Chris and Vinny

It was a hot summer night and two young 18 year old boys were having yet another sleepover. One of the young boys mother (Joanne) could hear stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv screams coming from the basement, she figured she wouldnt go check on them because they were probaly just playing. Little did she know that Chris was actually jamming his long hard 9 inch cock into Vinnys small firm white ass.

Chris and Vinny had started becoming friends since around the summer of sixth grade. They /hung/">hung out at lot doing the usual little boy stuff...playing video games, jerking off, etc, etc. One sleepover when it was just the two of them Chris was jerking off to porn when Vinny made a comment about how nice his dick was. "Can I touch it?", Vinny asked shyly, "I guess", said Chris. Vinny slowly brought his hand closer to Chriss cock. Once he touched it he realized how warm and hairy it was, he slowly started moving his hand up and down over and over again on the shaft of Chriss dick. Chris began to moan, he was surprised it actually felt better then when he or when a girl did it. "Keep going" Chris said in a low horny whisper. Vinny could feel Chris growing larger and larger in his hand. At the same time Vinny could feel his own cock growing almost as fast as Chriss was gettin harder.

Vinny could feel Chris beginning to /climax/">climax and by the way he was panting like a wild dog in heat he knew Chris white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie was going to cum. Vinny squeezed a bit harder and in no time Chris was cumming more then Vinny had ever seen anyone cum before. Shortly after that, Chris began pulling off Vinnys Winnie the Pooh boxer shorts. "I owe you one" Chris said soflty as he slowly fell to his knees. Chris sucked the head of Vinnys cock so hard but gentle at the same time. Unfortunately Chris couldnt deep throat it without having a gag reflex, so he just sucked Vinnys tip and jacked it off a lil while he was sucking.

After about three minutes Vinny took a huge shot in Chriss mouth. Chris hesitated a minute deciding weather or not he should spit. He realized that it didnt taste that /bad/">bad, kind of like salty soy sauce. He decided he would just swallow and keep sucking him off for a few more minutes. Vinny was standing infront of Chris naked, Chris was in a pair of boxers and a wife beater. Chris leaned in closer to Vinny. They got closer and closer until finally theit lips met. Vinny opened his mouth to feel Chriss tongue enter his mouth. In and out their tongues went. They were making out like animals. Vinny felt something caressing his leg, up his thigh, and squeezing his ass. Vinny began to lick Chriss face and his ears and his neck.

Vinny got on his hands and knees. Chris shoved his large pulsing dick into Vinnys ass until he began to scream. It was so tight and it felt so good on Chriss /cock/big-cock/">big cock.

Before that very sleepover Chris and Vinny would always make fun of Miguel and Keith for butt-fucking, but eversince this one night of experimenting they never did again. It is always good to have a "friend with benefits".