Rolo Biscuit Chocolate is back

Update: I finally tried my favorite resurrected choco snack, and I have to retract my previous enthusiasm. I don’t like them very much now. The new treats don’t have enough crunch in them, and are loaded with a ton of caramel. Try them if you want, but they’re not exactly like they used to be in the old days, and they aren’t the ones I used to love.

These have got to be one of the yummiest snacks out there. They haven’t made these in years and years, not since atleast ’04-’05, but I found them in Sultan Salmiya, selling for kd 1.6 per pack. I’ve looked everywhere in England and europe for these, then I just gave up. I highly recommend you try them, they’re really good.

5 Responses to Rolo Biscuit Chocolate is back

  1. Nivine says:

    looks yummieeee never tried it before :)

  2. Omg that looks so nice, i hope they sell it in Australia also…. :D

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