Part Two: Summary of Apple’s Event: New iPhone 4S

Ok, so now we continue with the second part of Apple’s iPhone event that was held tonight. You can find part one [here].

Basically, there is no iPhone 5, despite the strong rumors and circulated photos. However, the iPhone4 got a complete overhaul from the inside (though it still looks the same from the outside). Here are a few more details from Apple’s event:


  • Siri Voice Service: this is a new level of voice recognition. Check the above video for a live demonstration of this super cool new feature.
  • Dictation: you can dictate instead of type via a small mic beside the space bar on the virtual keyboard. It’s available in English, French and German; and it gets better with time as it starts to recognize your voice.

  • This is a short commercial of the new iPhone 4S.
  • The new iPhone will get released on Oct. 14 in the States, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, and Australlia. Another 22 more countries by end of Oct., and in a  total of 70 different markets by year end. No word yet on date of release in GCC.

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