Yesterday’s Terrible Traffic Jam

A friend of mine took this picture yesterday morning on the way to work, around 7 a.m. It took her 50 minutes to get to work, for a a journey that usually takes just 7-8 minutes.

Fast forward a few hours, at 11.30, I myself get stuck right on Damascus’ street bridge. It took me 35 minutes to get from the top of the bridge to the 1st entrance into Faiha (a distance of less than 500 meters). I’ve never seen the 3rd RR this jammed, ever.

Back to this morning, our papers [link] greet us with this picture below. It turns out that the truck-trailer accident of yesterday morning was the cause of all yesterday’s traffic blocks.

2 Responses to Yesterday’s Terrible Traffic Jam

  1. aziz says:

    just wanna say i love ur blog , i love ur personality .. the only thing i dont like about u is the fact that you are mohd aljuwaihel hater .. btw i was stuck that day in traffic and i didnt thought that someone will mention it .

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