Jazeera Airways’ Online Check-In


Mark had posted about Jazeera Airways’ new online check-in last month.

Today was our first time getting to try it out. Here are my thoughts about this useful service:

  • Our online check-in was very easy, and you can even designate a new email address to get your boarding passes. You only need your last name and the confirmation number. This would come in very handy if your original reservation was done by someone else, and you don’t have access to their email.
  • Once you get the email, just print two copies of the attached file. The need to print feature isn’t handy, unless you’re beside a printer and computer.
  • Once you get to the airport, you would still need to get the boarding passes stamped by Jazeera Airways. This wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the online check-in page or email, so for us, we had walked directly to passport security before being told to get the passes stamped.
  • When we got to the Jazeera desk, we noticed that they did have a sign that informed online check-in passengers to get the boarding passes stamped there first. However, the sign is located beside the Jazzera weight counters’ entrance, so only passengers with lugguage would see it. Others would totally miss it, just like we did. I think the stamping notice should be included in the email, just so people are clear.
  • Passport control are still not familiar with the printed out A4 paper boarding passes, so you might have to spend an extra couple of minutes there.

All in all, online check-in was extremely easy and is definitely an added plus to Jazeera passengers, especially to those who tend to fly without checked luggage or are on their way to short meetings in the GCC.

Many thanks to Jazeera Airways for adding this useful service.

4 Responses to Jazeera Airways’ Online Check-In

  1. bokhaloodie says:

    jazeera is good airways better than kuwait airways

    • buzfairy says:

      Jazeera is good, as is Kuwait Airways. I don’t mind flying on KA for short trips here around the Gulf or 7ata to Beirut, but even I don’t recommend it for any flights longer than 2-3 hours. The same goes to Jazeera. As much as they’re good, they still can’t compete with the comforts of other airlines, especially for medium-to-long voyages.

      I heard you have your own blog now…. Way to go BuKhaloodie :)

  2. BananaQ8 says:

    loved the idea, will try it on my next flight thanks dear :)

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