Pics from Red Lobster Dubai

Here are a few pictures of dishes from Red Lobster , Dubai. The total bill came to Dh 231, split into Dh 44 in beverages and Dh 187 in food. I thought I’d post the pics, so we may compared the dishes (and prices) for when Red Lobster finally opens in Kuwait.

Thanks Moe for the Pics.

2 Responses to Pics from Red Lobster Dubai

  1. essa k alessa says:

    shakla ma eshawig kilish 3ad im a big fan of Red Lobster how was the taste ?

    • buzfairy says:

      One of my teenage readers took the pics, and you can’t count on teenagers for great attractive pictures. But he says the food tasted amazing, and he can’t wait for it to open in Kuwait.

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