Could This Be the Next Mama Mia? Viva Forever by The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls, the famous 90’s girl band, are turning their music into a West End theater production called “Viva Forever”; just like ABBA did with their hugely successful musical “Mama Mia”. “Viva Forever” will start showing in London this December.

I never was a fan of the Spice girls, but considering their impressive and successful musical history, it’s easy to predict that the new musical will be a smash hit:

  • The Spice Girls sold more than 75 million albums.
  • Hold the title of best selling female group of all time.
  • Has the most successful album by a female group.


  This is a promo of the musical and the people behind it, like the producer of Mama Mia and comedian\writer Jennifer Saunders.

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