I Thought It Was Just A Joke


Yesterday some people on Twitter were talking about لحس الكوع , and I just thought they were joking and fooling around. But this “La7s El-Kou3″ thing turned out to be quite a serious matter.

The Sudanese people have decided to defy their government and go out protesting in the streets, after their vice-president belittled and ridiculed them in a very derogatory and unacceptable way.

This whole thing began when the Sudanese objected over the government’s plan to increase prices and decrease public spending. The people were already fed up with elevated levels of inflation and expensive price hikes. The peaceful and passive objections turned into verbal protests, and that’s when their vice-president made his very provocative comment. He disrespectfully dared them to: “first lick their elbows before trying to protest the government”.

So the sudanese turned by the thousands in a “Lick Your Elbow” Friday protest. More than a thousand people have been arrested so far, with hundreds more injured and missing (i.e. secretly detained by the authorities).

3 Responses to I Thought It Was Just A Joke

  1. BananaQ8 says:

    Buzfairy you made me laugh :p i was even thinking if i could reach for my elbow loool

  2. bokhaloodie says:

    loooooooooool u remind me of when i was kid.. kano yeqo9on 3alaina 3ashan enshof athoona :P

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