Review of iSandwich Shop


iSandwich is a sandwich shop\cafe that caters and delivers to offices in Kuwait city. I just heard of the place so I’m not exactly sure when it opened, but my friend strongly recommended that I try it.

I looked at the menu; and chose the Haloumi, the Caprese, and the Chicken Pesto (with added cheddar cheese). The order was delivered quickly, much shorter than the estimated 45 minutes (even though I was home and not in the office, which means I’m even farther away).

I loved the way the sandwiches were wrapped, their presentation was simple and clean. The quality of wax paper is very high, which helped keep the structure of the sandwiches through its delivery to you.


All sandwiches tasted very very delicious. My personal favorite was the Haloumi, which came with rocca, tomatoes, tapenade, and light mayo. I usually favor the Caprese over the Haloumi at any place, but this Haloumi was a really good one, and I personally would order it over the Caprese here anytime.


The caprese was also a good sandwich with just the right amount of pesto, all wrapped in a soft white panini. I liked the sandwich, but I prefer it had more tomatoes. That’s how I’ll order it next time.


Now we get to the Chicken Pesto sandwich. It came in a brown panini and was filled with diced chicken, sun-dried tomato, and rocca. I ordered mine with cheddar cheese, but I couldn’t really taste the cheese in this sandwich. Anyways, the sandwich tasted fresh and healthy, and was average. I wouldn’t order it again myself, only because the menu said it would come with avocado, and this didn’t; which makes me think I might’ve ordered the wrong sandwich. In any case, this sandwich does feel like it’s healthy and light, and I would definitely recommend it for chicken and fitness lovers who want a lighter sandwich.

My bill was KD 4.550 for three sandwiches and an extra topping. You can check out the menu on their  Instagram @isandwichq8. They’re located in Mubarak Al-Kabeer St. in Sharq, and their Tel. # is 22498466.

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