Saudi Princess Seeks Refuge in UK الأميرة سارة آل سعود تطلب اللجوء السياسي

الأميرة سارة بنت طلال بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود، إخت الأمير الوليد، تقدمت بطلب اللجوء السياسي في بريطانيا خوفاً من إختطافها و إعادتها للسعودية. الأميرة صرحت بأن ولي العهد الراحل الأمير نايف كان يساندها و يساعدها، مما أفقدها الأمان بعد رحيله و دعاها إلى تقديم طلب اللجوء السياسي

التفاصيل الكاملة موجودة [هنا] في مقالة جريدة التليغراف

Princess Sara Al-Soud is a high ranking Saudi Princess. She’s the daughter of Prince Talal, the sister of AlWaleed Bin Talal, and the granddaughter of the great King AbdulAziz. And she has just asked for political asylum in Britain.

She’s has been in the UK since 2007, currently living in London. She’s not on good terms with her father or her eldest brother, Prince Turki, and cliams that they’ve cut her out of her mother’s £325 million inheritance.

She says that the late Saudi crown prince, Prince Naif, was supporting her. But with his recent death, she fears that she’ll be kidnapped along with her 4 children, and sent back to Riyadh.

Her current problem in the UK lies with her expired VISA. Her passport had expired too, a couple of years ago, but the Saudi Embassy refused to renew it. This is what’s getting her in trouble with British authorities, and probably the main reason behind her recent Asylum request.

The Telegraph published a long interview with Princess Sara, filled with interesting information, which you can read [here].

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