Guess the flavor with Kakao

#GuessThatFlavor and win Half a kilo of chocolates for the 1st 3 correct answers #NewEidCollection

خمن نكهة العيد الجديدة وأول ٣ إجابات صحيحة تربح معنا نصف كيلو من الكاكاو

Click [here] to guess.

Kakao is also introducing a new “Strawberry Bar” chocolate to be offered soon (maybe by 3eed?), in two choices: cheese cake and hazelnut.

Kakao is by far my favorite chocolate in Kuwait. Their chocolates are delicious and tasty, and they always come up with new amazing flavors all the time. Plus, they’re a pure local Kuwaiti business, so it also feels good to buy from them.

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  2. bokhaloodie says:

    yummi yummi i cant wait :D

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