Al-Manshar Mall has closed down, but Al-Kout is still open


Al-Manshar Mall in Fahaheel has officially closed down. All of its shops and restaurants, including Haagen Dazs & Johnny Rockets, have closed. A new mall will be built in its place, and that will probably take 4-5 years to complete. It’s a damn shame because Al-Manshar was one of the prettiest malls in Kuwait, had lots of character and style. It was originally renovated on top of the old 1060’s shops that originally existed there, that’s what gave it its unique old style.

Anyways, it will be demolished soon. And until the new mall is built and open, you can use the adjacent Al-Kout mall for fun and pleasure whenever you’re in Fahaheel. Al-Kout is another very pretty mall, and its water fountains and water-front cafes are absolutely beautiful and relaxing. The mall itself is rather quite during weekdays, which is a fresh change from the hustle and bustle of the Avenues and the 360 malls.

Some of the water front cafes in Al-Kout are Paul, Costa, Caribou, two italian sandwich shops, 2 other cafes, Marble Slab, and Red Mango. Inside the mall you’ve got KNCC cinema, Mango and Zara, The Athelet’s Foot, a food court, kids shops, lingerie shops, an iCity or Digits (Apple) store, and a Sultan Center Supermarket.

I’ve been going there a lot this past week, because my cat is currently being treated in the International Veterinary Hospital in Wafra. Al-Kout is the closest place to sit down for a bite to eat or to have a cup of coffee, before I have to head back to the vet place again.

The weather in Kuwait will only get better from now on,which makes visiting Al-Kout and sitting outdoors a pure hidden and quite pleasure.

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