Blackberry 10 looks great, still no news about release date



RIM, the maker of Blackberry smart phones, is launching its new BB10 operating system. The vid of the new OS looks great, and even though it’s an all touchscreen no keyboard phone, it’s still able to add new smart assisted typing advances. The phone looks good enough to make me think of getting it instead of the Galaxy SIII.

Blackberry has come up with something called “Blackberry Flow”, with it you wake up the phone just by sliding the screen. No lights to hit or buttons. “Blackberry Hob” is also another new invention, to stay in touch with your apps and contacts,. It offers some new features not available on the iPhone or Galaxy.

Blackberry will release 6 new devices next year, starting with two at the beginning. Of these two, one will be all touchscreen while the other will have a touch\qwerty combo KB. Sadly, there’s no specific launch date yet. But the first two devices might be launched in Q1 ’13. That might be a little too late if Blackberry wants to catch up. In early ’13, more people will be going for the new iPhone that was just released, and even more people will be waiting for the launch of the new Galaxy S4 in Feb.

However, I for one am excited about BB10. It looks great and very use friendly, I’m probably get one when the phones are finally out.



Here’s a handson review of one of the new BB10 phones (given out to app developers), done by crackberry.


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  1. Checked out the Blackberry 10 features. I must honestly say. That I will be buying this phone!

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