Banta furniture video commercial



I’ve never been to Banta before, but I’ve seen a lot of their paper ads and I know that they sell affordable furniture. What I didn’t know is that they’re actually more like IKEA, and sell a whole lot more stuff than just sofas and beds. I once saw their catalogue at a friend’s place, and was surprises at the number of items they sell, and how organized the catalogue was. Turns out, Banta sell a lot of other smaller household items, like bowls and plates and drawer chests and whatnot.

This is Banat’s first video commercial, and they kinda want it to explain the history of Banta and what Banta really is. Here’s the [link] to Banta’s website, and the [link] to their online catalogue.

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  2. dayoomak says:

    i love banta! their prices are so good

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