New from Americana: frozen 3arayes جديد أمريكانا: عرايس

I love grilled 3arayes. We used to grill them on the BBQ all the time in Chale. I got my 3arayed meat mix from a Syrian butcher in Surra, but then his shop closed down because of the new law barring businesses from opening in residential areas. Since then, I rarely eat 3arayes any more. I never find the right mix of meat and spices, never get the bread grilled or crisped the way I like it.

I haven’t tried these Americana 3arayes yet, but I find them a terrific idea. Who doesn’t love fresh grilled 3arayes?

2 Responses to New from Americana: frozen 3arayes جديد أمريكانا: عرايس

  1. Ehab Elzarka says:

    It’s our pleasure reading your comment and loving the idea of having frozen Arayes ready-to-cook in minutes. we’ll be much glad to let you try it and give us your feedback about the product.
    please send me your contacts on my email to send you a trial sample.

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