Terrific Rauch commercial دعاية عجيبة لعصير راوخ

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 3

Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 1 Rauch juice Kuwait commercial 2


This commercial is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s funny, sad, hilarious, cute, funky, light, and adorable all bundled together in a great way. A very well done commercial. Bravo Rauch Kuwait.

Viva’s Ramadan commercial دعاية فيفا لرمضان

Viva Kuwait Ramadan commercial snapshot


Maram is always a sure bet, and she doesn’t disappoint here either. This is a nice commercial, fuzzy warm.

Here are links to other Ramadan commercials from GBAhliTijari, and NBK.

Gulf Bank’s Ramadan commercial دعاية بنك الخليج لرمضان

Gulf Bank Ramadan commercial snapshot 2013


Ok, this commercial is cute. I’m so relieved that it is, after the disappointing one NBK is showing this year. Glad to know Gulf Bank never disappoints with its ads and commercials. So cute.

So far we’ve had Ramadan commercials from GB (above vid), Ahli, Tijari, and NBK.

NBK’s Ramadan commercial دعاية البنك الوطني لرمضان

NBk Ramadan commercial snapshot 2013


I was looking forward to watching NBK’s Ramadan commercial, but this commercial disappointed me. It started out well, but then just fizzled down. Definitely not as good as previous years’.

Ramadan Kareem مبارك عليكم الشهر و عساكم من عواده

Gulf Bank Ramadan Kareem 2013

مبارك عليكم الشهر و عساكم من عواده


تقدرون تحملون الإمساكية بتصوي كود الكيو آر اللي بالصورة

Download the imsakiya by caputing the QR code in the pic.

CBK’s Ramadan commercial دعاية البنك التجاري لرمضان

CBK Kuwait logo


This is CBK’s Ramadan commercial for this year. Now all we need is to see NBK’s and GB’s ones.

Ahli Bank’s Ramadan commercial دعاية البنك الأهلي لرمضان

Ahli Bank Kuwait logo


This is the first of the annual Ramadan TV commercials. Can’t wait to see NBK’s and GB’s.

And on to Viva

Viva Telecom Kuwait ad

Just like Wataniya, Viva placed a well worded ad in today’s papers in an attempt to lure customers into changing to Viva.

I like Viva’s ad more than Wataniya’s. I think it’s friendly and inviting, colorful and bright. It is a cool ad. But the bottom line is, business is won with action and service, and not with ads and bright colors.

Having said that, I still love their slogan “your number deserves a new home”. That’s cute.

Wataniya Telecom’s innocent ad

Wataniya Telecom Kuwait AdToday is the day you finally get the opportunity to transfer your mobile number from one carrier to another.

Wataniya Telecom took this opportunity to sneak in a well-timed ad in today’s papers. Marhaba Feek alright.


The life of 90′s kids


This is a cute Microsoft Explorer commercial, very spot on. They captured the lives of the 90′s kids perfectly. I’m getting so nostalgic about the 90′s, even though I wasn’t a kid then anymore.