Bahrain beats Qatar 1-0 فوز البحرين على قطر في خليجي ٢١ و تأهلها لقبل النهائي



Super congratulations to Bahrain for beating Qatar 1-0 and proceeding to the semi-finals. We wish Bahrain the best of luck in the Gulf Cup 21 tournament, currently held in Bahrain.

Kim Kardashian in Bahrain





After her trip to Kuwait last weekend [here and here], Kim Kardashian moved on to Bahrain, also to open a new Millions of Milkshakes branch there.

Her trip to Bahrain was very organized and there was a party feel to her reception there, which included dance sequences, a stage, and a meet and greet. Plus, she also got to do some other unique things, making her gush that she loves Bahrain. She went to the desert, played with camels, and drank their milk (not sure if she actually drank it).

However, not the whole trip was successful and great. The Washington Post has a insightful article about Kim’s trip and the riots that broke over her being there. As much as people complained at how disorganized her event in Kuwait was, at least it was a pure business one. Watch the following ABC vid, you can’t help get the feeling there definitely was some political promotion behind her super love for Bahrain.



Gulf cup Bahrain draw قرعة كأس الخليج ٢١ في البحرين

 The draw for the Gulf Cup teams was just announced, and here are the apposing groups:

  • Bahrain heads group A (host country) and will play against Oman, Qatar, and Emirates.
  • Kuwait heads group B (holder\winning country) and will play against Saudi Arabia (lucky us), Iraq, and Yemen.

The organising committee also unveiled the tournament’s mascot, a camel. There are there of them, and one if a girl. Their names are Sam7an, Far7an, and Jameela.

Gulf Cup 21 takes place in Bahrain this time, in January ’13. Let’s hope we win this one too.

Bahrain are the best dressed at the London Olympics عاشت البحرين

  • Beautiful: A Bahraini woman carried the Bahraini flag.
  • More beautiful: Bahrain was the best dressed inLondon, and presented the best of their traditional fashion and culture.

Way to Bahrain. You looked awesome!!

Cute: Maradona’s Biggest Fan


Saudi Mobily Offers Free International Data Roaming in the UAE and Egypt

Saudi Telecom co., Mobily, just announced that it will offer free data roaming in Egypt and the UAE for its data plan subscribers. Prices are very cheap compared to Kuwait: 1 Gb for kd 8, 5 GB for kd 17, and unlimited data usage for just kd 30. These packages are the local plan packages, with the added benefit of using them abroad.

When will be getting this in Kuwait? All of our local telecom companies operate in neighboring countries, so we should at least get GCC and Sham area coverages with Zain (Bahrain, Jordan & Saudi), VIVA (Saudi), and Wataniya (Qatar).

Bahrain 10-0 Indonesia Goals Video فيديو أهداف البحرين ٠/١٠ ضد اندونيسيا


Happy National Day to Bahrain كل عام و البحرين بألف خير

Happy National 3eed Wa6ani day to Bahrain and all our Bahraini friends.

الكويتية بدرية العوضي بلجنة تقصي أحداث البحرين

ملك البحرين، الشيخ حمد بن عيسى، قام بتعيين الكويتية الدكتورة بدرية العوضي واحدة من خمس أعضاء في لجنة تقصي حقائق أحداث البحرين التي حدثت في فبراير و مارس… و اللجنة لها كافة الصلاحيات و الحياد في تقصي الحقائق و إبداء رأيها المحايد بالأحداث المؤسفة التي عصفت بالبحرين

مع العلم بأن الدكتورة بدرية هي أستاذة قانون دولي بجامعة الكويت


New Online Modern Furniture Store

Boxed is a new online furniture store. Their story is:

Boxed is an online store showcasing a great collection of modern furniture and accessories created by independent designers. We connect you with the designers and offer you the chance to customise all your orders and receive them in 3-weeks!

We are not fond of mass productions; instead carry a one of a kind modern collection that no other store has. Every item is selected carefully and quality factors come at our top priorities.

Not only that, but we also love to give back; we promote emerging designers and artisans in developing countries and offer them a free retail space to sell their merchandise. Please continue to support our talents and help spread the word!

The Idea:

Back in 2008, while I was working as a Wedding Planner at a renowned Events Company in Dubai, UAE, I was always on the hunt to find a one stop shop for modern and custom-made products. Unfortunately that wish never came true even in the glamorous city of Dubai.

When I moved to live in Bahrain, and being away from the ever busy city of Dubai, I had the time to come up with this exciting store concept and help join many designers under one roof. And as I kept going I sensed the enthusiasm of the designers and the need for such a platform.

‘Boxed’ now is on a mission to support independent designers from around the globe, and offer a hand to all artisans working in developing countries to help sustain their livelihoods and increase their earnings!

We love what we started and hope to grow gradually in this field.

Boxed is located in Bahrain and do deliver to Kuwait and other countries, check out their site here.