10 million BBM app downloads

BBM 10 million downloads

10 million people downloaded the new BBM app yesterday, which means Blackberry is not dead yet. If everything goes ok, the new BBM could be bigger than Whatsapp when it starts to catch on with people.

Zain’s Blackberry Z10 offers

Zain Kuwait offers Blackberry z10

Zain Kuwait offers Blackberry z10 price details

Blackberry 10 looks great, still no news about release date



RIM, the maker of Blackberry smart phones, is launching its new BB10 operating system. The vid of the new OS looks great, and even though it’s an all touchscreen no keyboard phone, it’s still able to add new smart assisted typing advances. The phone looks good enough to make me think of getting it instead of the Galaxy SIII.

Blackberry has come up with something called “Blackberry Flow”, with it you wake up the phone just by sliding the screen. No lights to hit or buttons. “Blackberry Hob” is also another new invention, to stay in touch with your apps and contacts,. It offers some new features not available on the iPhone or Galaxy.

Blackberry will release 6 new devices next year, starting with two at the beginning. Of these two, one will be all touchscreen while the other will have a touch\qwerty combo KB. Sadly, there’s no specific launch date yet. But the first two devices might be launched in Q1 ’13. That might be a little too late if Blackberry wants to catch up. In early ’13, more people will be going for the new iPhone that was just released, and even more people will be waiting for the launch of the new Galaxy S4 in Feb.

However, I for one am excited about BB10. It looks great and very use friendly, I’m probably get one when the phones are finally out.



Here’s a handson review of one of the new BB10 phones (given out to app developers), done by crackberry.


New Offers From Blackberry Kuwait


RIM & Blackberry are having a new promotional campaign, to give their customers in Kuwait free treats and discounts at a lot of places including: cafes, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and fashion shops. Here’s their first freebi:

  • Starting from next wednesday, you get a free donut and coffee for two from Dunkin Donuts.
  • Just go to a DD shop and register your PIN.
  • Offer available every Wednesday from 6-10 pm, for four weeks.
  • Customers will also be entered into a weekly draw to win some cool weekly prizes.

Keep in touch with them via Twitter and  Facebook.

Sneak Peek at New Blackberry 10, Plus Cool Features of the New 7.1 Update



Here’s  a sneak peek of a potential new Blackberry 10 device, taken from Blackberry World 2012 Keynote sessions. The new phone looks very good, like in that it can actually compete against Androids and possibly even iPhones. Expected release date is October this year. I love my Blackberry and wouldn’t want to be without one, so this complete overhaul of the OS and device is a huge welcome by all BB fans.

And speaking of Blackberry operating systems, the new 7.1 update was released today and is now available in Kuwait for most new Blackberries like the 9900, 9810, 9860, 9360, and 9380 (sadly my new 9790 is not one of them, so I won’t benefit from the update). If you’re wondering what’s new in 7.1, then you’ll be thrilled to know that the new features are actually cool and much needed:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 5 devices. (Finally! Though I’m not sure about battery life).
  • Tag and bump with other BBs to share contacts, music, pics, and other things.
  • FM Radio.

Angry Birds Space Now available for Blackberry

Angry Birds for Blackberry Playbook has just been released by Rovio, and is selling for $3 in the Blackberry App World.

I know the Blackberry Playbook wasn’t a huge success when it got released last year, but it is one of the best priced 7″ tablets out there. Its prices are very reasonable, and you can get one starting at $199 for the 16GB model and at just $290 for the 64 GB model.

A Knockout New Blackberry Phone Concept

A Co. in Canada came up with a concept for a new and attractive Blackberry phone, and called it “Blackberry Blade”.

The phone’s concept design is beautiful and futuristic, and also comes with impressive specs too. With a phone like this, RIM is sure to have a second chance at competing (and possibly succeeding) in the mobile world again.

The concept features an amazing 4.5 inch AMOLED display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, Gorilla Glass and a 12MP camera [source].

Tech Review: I Drove Over My Blackberry Phone


I drove over my Blackberry 9900 phone last week. It was, so obviously, very accidental. It was dark, the phone was black, and my friend was wearing something black, and didn’t realize that the phone had fell out of the car. So I drove over it a couple of times, while trying to fit the car into a tight parking space.



Here are pictures of the, again so obviously, dead phone. The phone lay with its back on the road\gravel, which is what saved the screen and top with me driving back and forth all over it. The screen was ran over by the car’s rubber tyre, which explains its scratch free state. The phone was not dead per say, because you could still feel and hear it faintly vibrating. This gave me hope that it might, in some cosmic act of niceness, be fixed again.

The phone is covered by Wataniya Telecom warranty. But what happened to the phone was clearly an accident, of human abuse proportions; so it was definitely not covered by any warranty. However, their warsha were kind enough to direct me to another mobile-repair shop.



Here are pictures of the God sent shop. It’s called Smart System, and it’s located on Khalid Bin Al-Waleed St.  (beside the tiny make-shift 30-car parking lot). They were able to fix the phone in under 30 minutes, give me a 60-day warrantee, and only charge me KD30. How amazing is that? They were gona change the scratched battery cover for an extra KD5, but I felt I better keep it as a painful reminder to take better care of the phone.


Here are pictures of the phone “apres” fixing. It looks so new, like nothing had ever happened to it (if you ignore the scratched battery cover).

I highly recommend this shop for all your tough and left-for-dead mobile fixing needs. They know what they’re doing and how to fix stuff that look like they’re beyond repair. I’ve had the fixed phone for almost a week now, and its working perfectly and without a glitch.

Thank you Smart System. Thank you very much.

This Could be my New Blackberry Phone

This new Blackberry 9790 was announced last month, and it’s already released in Kuwait. This phone has three main advantages over the BB flagship 9900: a keyboard, an autofocus camera, and great battery life.

VIVA announced last week that it’ll have 4G service in Kuwait with the start of the new year [link]. Their 4G network already covers all of the coastal line, plus a lot of other areas. Since I really want to try 4G service, I thought of getting a new BB to replace of my old 9700.

For me, the 9790 is a better choice than the 9900: it has a real keyboard, is smaller and thinner and lighter, has strong battery life, and more importantly has autofocus (I can never buy anything that doesn’t have autofocus). Question now is does it have 4G abilities? Sadly, I wasn’t able to get an answer to this question by googling it online.

Note: I’m not saying buy this phone from Eureka. Though Eureka is offering a great price for such a great phone, but  the lack of an Arabic KB gives it a cheaper look IMO. I’ve never used the Arabic KB on my 9700, but I would like the phone to look normal in Kuwait.

Update: I sent a tweet to Zain & VIVA asking them if the BB 9790 is 4G ready. Zain says that it’s not, and I’m still waiting for VIVA’s reply. But the answer obviously should be the same, that the phone isn’t 4G ready.

Vodafone Beats Orange & T-Mobile


A few days back, I asked my readers what was the best Mobile Co. to chose when I get to England and europe for a short vacation. We had a lively comments and advice, which you can check right [here].

So we got to the UK this morning, and immediately bought two new sim cards for our BlackBerry devices; one from Vodafone and one from Orange. In my opinion, Vodafone is hands down and without a doubt the winner here. This why I know Vodafone beats T-Mobile\Orange:

  • Both cards cost GBP 10 and offer one month of BlackBerry services.
  • Vodafone gives you back GBP 10 in call\SMS credit, while T-Mobile\Orange only gives you GBP 5 back in credit. This means that you’re getting the Blackberry service for FREE from Vodafone.
  • The main reason why Vodafone is better is that it started working right out the store within 20 minutes; while Orange is yet to make an appearance even after 10 hours and 5 calls to their customer service.
If you ever are on vacation in the UK, don’t bother checking out any mobile Co. other than Vadafone. It’s the best, fastest, and probably cheaper too than the competition.