My One Year Precious 365 Day Anniversary ذكراي الغالية السنوية

This time last year, exactly (at 3.30 am), was the time of my first ever blog post.

Now I stand a year later, 365 days wiser, and more than 1,800 posts older. I never thought I would be this involved in a blog, let alone this successful.

I am a pretty shallow person, in terms of interest (and not intent). There’s no shame in admitting that. So I think it came in as a bigger shock to me, than to any of one else of my readers or friends, to see this blog achieve the numbers and viewership it did during this past year.

These are the milestones I’m super proud of:

  • More than a 1,800 posts so far.
  • Direct viewership of more than 350,000; in addition to triple and atleast quadruple that in indirect and RSS viewing.
  • Reaching over a million or  a million and a half in one single year; and in the absence of any sponsorship, advertising, or favors; is pretty damn amazing.
  • Buzfairy was able to achieve the number one blog post worldwide, in April of this year, beating more than 20 million blogs our there.
  • Buzfairy also made it to the top #2 & #3, during this April, also beating tens of millions blog sites worldwide.
  • I got to have some free merchandize, and some free food during my experience.
I’ve never though that my blog would generate so much interest. I still can hardly believe that anyone out there is even interested in anything I say; seeing as how little I myself value (and how much I stubbornly defend) my own point of view.
But Buzfairy has also taught me a valuable lesson.
Despite my personal notion that I am inflexible and a bit too narrow-minded; it did open up my eyes to the bigotry and discrimination most people out here possess.
It turns out that I am one of the most flexible and fluid people you would ever meet. How cool is that?! It turns out that I have one of the most tolerable, expandable, and open opinions out there these days. No matter what. Go figure how that happened.
Anyways, today (and precisely now, at this very second and minute) is my one year-365 day blog anniversary. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog, as much as I enjoy ranting in it.
I do have to ask you to excuse my opinionated opinions sometimes, and that you to try and get past that.
After all, this is a fun and easy going blog. There’s no need to turn it political at all.

VIVA BuzFairy!!

God Bless All Of You…. الله لا يحرمني منكم

Harry Potter’s new movie trailer


This goes to you all Harry Potter fans out there, the new movie comes out Nov. 19.

If you’re sick of all this Vampire fever, then you will love this!


If you’re like me; don’t get what the fuss is about True Blood, or think Twilight is just bad. Then you will just love this new movie. Vampires Suck is a spoof movie, and the trailer delivers a funnier side of the torture called Twilight. The movie just came out in the US, and for some weird reason, it is shockingly doing quite well. It has already beaten The Expendables and Eat, Pray, Love for the top spot. You can get more info about the movie in their wiki page.

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Big shock: The Expendables is on top

What do you know; the testosterone filled, 80’s machoism, full of bloody action, filled with old geezer actors movie that is called The Expendables is on top at the box office. The Expendables opened on friday, and has already made more than $35 Million in just 2 days.

Sylvester Stallone ya Rambo ya Rocky enta.

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Toy Story 3 is the top grossing animated movie ever

Toy Story 3 has become the world’s top grossing animated movie ever, with total revenue of $ 920 Million. It beat Shrek 2, Finding Nemo, and the Lion King. BTW, Toy Story 3 is also Disney’s 4th most top movie, after 2 installments of Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland.

Star Wars finally coming to Blue-Ray

To all you hard core Blue-Ray DVD fans out there, Star Wars will finally be released in Blue-Ray DVD form. All 6 episodes, from both the Original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, will be available in a single box set.

You will have to wait a while for them, they won’t be released till fall of next year towards the end of 2011. You can get in line by pre-ordering them from amazon. The Star Wars boxed set will have bonus material, like deleted scenes from the original trilogy. Can’t wait!!

The Other Guys movie bumped Inception for the #1 spot


After spending 3 weeks at #1 in box office return, Inception finally lost ground to the cop comedy movie The Other Guys starring Will Farrell and Mar Wahlberg.

The Other Guys made it to #1 with total revenue of $35 Million, with good reviews too, which is quite astonishing for a Farrell movie.

Don’t feel too for Inception, because it has made $477 Million so far since it’s release 3 weeks ago!

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Avatar 2 AND 3 are in the horizon

James Cameron, the director of Avatar, has told MTV that there might be 2 sequels to last year’s blockbuster hit Avatar. And that the 2 sequels might be shot back-to-back.