Disney’s “Frozen” comes to Ski Dubai this winter

Disney's Frozen at Ski Dubai

Disney’s Frozen Winter Wonderland will be coming to Dubai this winter.

  • From Dec. 5 – Feb. 5.
  • “Frozen” themed statues and Nordic chales on display throughout the place.
  • Activities include storytelling, sing alongs, snowman building, arts & crafts, and face painting.
  • Norwegian brunch served daily at the ski cafe.
  • Tickets cost Dh. 225.

Full details and schedule can be found [here].

Sesame Street Live and Elmo in Kuwait this weekend

Sesame Street and Elmo Kuwait

You’ll love this if you have kids.  Sesame Street Live and Elmo in Kuwait for 3 days this weekend at the Ice Skating Rink. Call now for tickets. You can also book online via this [link].

Kuwait Comic Con starts tomorrow

Q8Con Kuwait ComicCon 2014

Q8Con, our local version of Comic Con, is taking place tomorrow and friday (Feb. 6-7) at the AbdulAziz Hussain Center in Mishref. Map [link].

Check their twitter and instagram for more info.

Dark Knight Rises was way too long


I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last week, and it ran close to three hours. Here in this vid we have several alternate story endings, any of which would’ve tremendously cut the movie’s time.

Anyways. TDKR was a super awesome movie, everyone should go see it; just note that both Batman and Catwoman were also super annoying in it. But other than them, every other character was really cool.

New Emirati children’s cartoon مسلسل الأطفال الإماراتي منصور



Mansour is UAE’s latest children’s cartoon. The show has 13 episodes, and follows the life of a 10 year old Emirati boy. The developers want the cartoon to infuse a national and patriotic Emirati pride and spirit, in children and viewers alike, especially considering the UAE’s low national population rate of just 10%.



يشكل الإماراتيون اليوم حوالي 10٪ فقط من إجمالي عدد سكان الإمارات، وبالتالي فهم يواجهون احتمالات تراجع الهوية الوطنية والإرث الثقافي الأصيل. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، فإن وتيرة التغير السريع جعلت الكثير من الشباب الإماراتي غير مدركين للقطاعات الجديدة التي يتم تطويرها في الدولة وغير مستعدين لقيادتها.

ومن هنا يأتي دورمنصورلمعالجة بعض هذه التحديات.

In my opinion, it’s us in Kuwait who need a show like this, to rebuilt our diminishing and vanishing Kuwaiti pride. Qatar, UAE, and even Saudi don’t need shows like this. All you have to do is get out of your house, and marvel at all the new and amazing new developments and projects these countries made in recents years

It’s very sad to notice how our new generations have no pride in Kuwait. They never grew up with what older generations grew up with: national parades on national holidays, celebrating monumental sporting achievements, having a continuous plan of progressive and modern building and development, having the best education and  hospitals, being regional leaders in entertainment and art,  and basically just having a gorgeous country and people you can truly and really be proud of

Watch The 99 cartoon this Ramadan on MBC3

  • We’ll have a chance to watch The 99 this Ramadan on MBC3.
  • They’re going to air 26 episodes, one episode per day, starting on the first day of Ramadan.
  • The episodes will also be available online, through Yahoo’s Maktoob service [link].

THE 99 will continue its groundbreaking ways when simultaneously launched on-air via MBC3 and online via Yahoo! Maktoob throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Twenty-six episodes of the animated series will be shown on consecutive nights starting the first night of Ramadan and then later rebroadcast by MBC3 on a weekly basis and on demand via the Internet through the Yahoo! Maktoob portal.

“Call Me Maybe” Sesame Street Style



Sesame Street hasn’t done one of these videos in a while, where they use famous top chart songs and musicians.

This news song is kinda cool, but I personally think that some of their previous vids are a whole lot better (especially the Katy Perry on or even the highly educational will.i.am one).

I laso think that Justin Bieber’s cover of “call me maybe” was cute, and definitely worth checking out.

Cool Blogger Cartoon & Happy Social Media Day from Q8Path

Happy Social Media Day from Q8Path blog.

Light Religious Humor


Tron Uprising: The Animated TV Show



The very successful Tron and Tron:Legacy sci-fi movies have been turned into an animated TV show on the Disney Network. If you’re a fan of the movies, then you’ll be happy to know that the first episode has already aired.

Watch the trailer, see if the new TV show really feels like the Tron movies.