New York’s “TEXT STOP” traffic signs

New York text stop traffic signs[Source]

Apartment rent rates in Kuwait أسعار إيجار الشقق في الكويت

Rent rates in Kuwait

Rent rates Kuwait 2

Via [Alqabas]

A new kind of Pope

Pope Francis tolerant

Pope Francis thinks the Catholic Church is too hung up on birth control, gay marriages, and abortion. He wants the church to be more of a “House for All”, rather than a smaller purer church like his predecessor. He’s advocating love and serving the poor.

What a lovely lovely plan. You think we can expect something similar from our own religious leaders? I don’t think so. Not when neighbouring Saudi is still debating whether to allow women to drive or not. Not when Syria’s Free Army beheads Assad’s soldiers in the name of Islam. And definitely not when a Sudanese woman gets whipped and lashed for wearing trousers or not wearing a head cover. Not lovely at all.

His surprising comments came in a lengthy interview in which he criticized the church for putting dogma before love, and for prioritizing moral doctrines over serving the poor and marginalized. He articulated his vision of an inclusive church, a “home for all” [link].

The M.O. Youth screws the youth عيب عليكم يا وزارة الشباب

 Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem 2  Fikra M.O. Youth Kuwait Japanese pop culture festival problem

Kuwait had a Japanese Pop culture festival 10 days ago. It was held at Kuwait’s National Library, and was a smash hit.

The festival was organized by Fikra, a local company, with the help of other Kuwaiti youth. The Ambassador of Japan came to the event because of his prior relations to Fikra, and he was the one who supplied the venue through the Cultural council. While the M.O.Youth just sent an undersecretary, and that was the extent of the ministry’s involvement in thr festival.

Anyways, the M.O.Youth took credit of this hugely successful event, and claimed it organized the whole festival. Reducing the efforts of Fikra and friends to that of associates or volunteers. The ministry later half tried to correct this, slightly amending their claim to a more honest one.

The festival took months of hard work and expenses to get it organized successfully. Contacting people and businesses, getting the cubicles and booths setup, organizing the costume and anime contests and prizes, and getting the display objects. All that took a great deal of effort and money.

If this festival was in Dubai, it wold be the kind that gets the personal appearance of Sh. Mohammad Bin Rashid. But here in Kuwait, the Ministry shamelessly robs the efforts of the young youth instead of supporting them. Shame on you.

GTA V sales top a billion dollars

GTA V Kuwait ban

Grand Theft Auto V was released 3 days ago, and sales have already passed the $1 billion mark.

My nephew played this game with his friend over the weekend, they were shooting with the same handguns we used at Mayadeen shooting range. He was very excited about this little fact. And this was not cool at all, considering he’s only 12. That’s why most shops in Kuwait aren’t selling the game: because buyers here are mostly under 15.

I never let my son play GTA or COD or any other violent game, not when the age rate is adult. They are rated 18+ for a reason. We don’t need that kind of numbness to violence. Let kids be kids.

As an adult game; it’s obviously one of the best, hence the mind blowing sales figure.

Pic credit [Mishooshow].

Link to Kuwait’s reports on WikiLeaks رابط تقارير الكويت على ويكيليكس

Kuwait on WikiLeaks

There are almost 4,000 reports on Kuwait at WikiLeaks, this is the link to all of them [link].

The confidential reports are written by the American Embassy in Kuwait, and cover periods from 1985 to 2010. They include detailed reports for events like the Iraqi invasion, Sept. 11, and transfer of power to Sh. Shabah. They also include thoroughly written reports on the general political climate, both regarding Al-Sabah family and on the Council of Ministers.

The link lists the reports by date, and includes a short topic headline. You don’t have to go through the whole 75 pages, the headline makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

[Link to Kuwait on WikiLeaks]

Britain cancels Visa for Kuwaitis? بريطانيا تلغي الفيزا للكويتيين؟

Rumor Britain cancels visa for Kuwait

Take this exciting news with a huge grain of salt, Al-Siyasa is not a solid reliable newspaper.  It would be nice though to finally be rid of the long and expensive procedure Kuwaitis take to get the Visa.

Extreme parenting

Twerking punishment



I don’t believe that this kind of punishment is good. It is double bad when the girl is in the US, where she can and will do whatever she wants in just a few short years. The mother should’ve used another type of punishment, anything would’ve be better than this public humiliation.

Grounds for deporting foreigners over traffic violations

Kuwait deports foreigners over traffic violationsA house cook working for a Kuwaiti family turned out to be a big scrap car trader with 120 cars in his name, 5 red light runs, and 70 other traffic violations. Of course he was deported, those are some highly criminal offenses. So now that we know this, maybe foreigners’ fear of getting deported from Kuwait over traffic violations will be quashed.

Via [AlQabas].

20,000 forged and fake Driver’s Licenses in Kuwait

Forged driver's licenses Kuwait

I had heard this before. What shocked me then was that the M.O.Interior didn’t have files to a lot of dubious driver’s licenses, not a single official data on them. What was more shocking is that they can’t do anything about it. What I don’t understand is why don’t they make those who don’t have documentation or files take the tests and provide the proper documentation again. Unless there’s a reason they don’t want to, like illegally charging them Kd 1,000 a piece to issue them in the first place. Yeah that would definitely explain the MOI’s reluctance to fix this.

قال مصدر أمني مطلع لــ القبس ان هناك نحو 20 ألف إجازة قيادة مزورة في البلاد.

وقال ان الإدارة العامة للمرور اكتشفت فقدان هذا الكم من رخص القيادة «الخام» من دون معرفة مصيرها. اذ ان الانظمة المتبعة هي ان تستلم ادارة المرور ما يثبت كيفية صرف هذه البطاقات، وهذا ما لم يحدث، اي ان اجازات القيادة العشرين ألفا «الخام» صرفت دون اي اوراق تبين آلية صرفها كإصدار جديد او كبدل فاقد.

إلى ذلك، تعكف اجهزة الأمن على متابعة قضية تزوير نحو 80 إجازة قيادة مزورة، والتحقيق يشمل موظفات اعترفن بإصدار رخص قيادة مزورة مقابل ألف دينار للرخصة الواحدة[القبس].