Our 3eed sweets from Kakao حلو العيد من كاكاو




For 3eed, I ordered my sweets from Kakao. I made an order for qraiba, which comes in 4 different flavors including pistachio and pecan. The arrangment came out lovely, and i can’t wait for 3eed to unwrap the trays.

I was going to buy chocolates for 3eed, but then I thought qraiba was more traditional. And what better way to end Ramadan than with something kuwaiti and old. I’m glad I did, because the qraiba turned out to be cheaper than chocolates, so I’m also happy about that.

You can contact Kakao on phone # 97162323, Twitter @kakaokuwait, and on Instagram @kakao_kw.

Guess the flavor with Kakao

#GuessThatFlavor and win Half a kilo of chocolates for the 1st 3 correct answers #NewEidCollection

خمن نكهة العيد الجديدة وأول ٣ إجابات صحيحة تربح معنا نصف كيلو من الكاكاو

Click [here] to guess.

Kakao is also introducing a new “Strawberry Bar” chocolate to be offered soon (maybe by 3eed?), in two choices: cheese cake and hazelnut.

Kakao is by far my favorite chocolate in Kuwait. Their chocolates are delicious and tasty, and they always come up with new amazing flavors all the time. Plus, they’re a pure local Kuwaiti business, so it also feels good to buy from them.

An Amazing Mothers’ Day Cake from Kakao

I was browsing the Kuwaiti local online store, venyooo, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous Mothers’ Day cake from Kakao. The cake looks gorgeous and pretty with all the white chocolate ruffles.

Kakao is my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait, and I’m very sure that the cake will taste amazing. It’s priced at KD 20, with a KD 2 delivery charge from venyooo, and comes in a nice plexi round tray\cover.

Click here for my review of Kakao. You can call them on tel # 97162323 or check out their Facebook page for information and updates.

Kakao’s tempting 50% off offer

Kakao is having an amazing 3-day 50% off special offer on selected chocolates, until Jan 20. The flavors range from Gers Ogaili, New Turtle, Old Fashioned Brownies, Mixed Chocos, Oreo Ogaili, to my personal favorites Raspberry Cheesecake & Oreo Clusters. All of these are 50% off, until Friday Jan 20.

Kakao is by far my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait. Their chocolates are tasty, fresh, unique, and super delicious. They’re the kind of chocolates you serve at home, in hospital, or send to the office for someone important.

I always take a few kilos with me for my Saudi & Bahraini friends, whenever I’m visiting them. All of my friends love the chocolates, and the cute packaging it’s served in. And they never believe me when I tell them Kakao is a pure KUwaiti local business, owned by young Kuwaitis. The chocolates aren’t cheap, but they are really delicious. Plus Kakao always comes up with new flavors to serve, so for me the price is well justified.

Gers Ogaili bag of 15 pieces is now KD2, down from KD4. Chocolate Mix of 2 pieces of 18 different kinds is now KD5, down from KD10.

250 grams Oreo Clusters is KD 2, down from KD4. And 8 pieces Old Fashioned Brownies are now just KD1.5, down from KD3.

Since I always have Kakao chocolates in the house, I thought of sharing with you pictures of what’s left of my last order of Oreo Clusters & Raspberry Cheesecake chocolates (bought just 10 days ago).

You can reach Kakao on Tel # 97162323. You can also find them on their Facebook page.

Take advantage of the amazing prices, and order some today and tomorrow.