Kate Middleton Wears the Same Pair of Shoes Over & Over

Kate Middleton has worn the same 2009 LK Bennett shoe too many times to count, and they only costed her $300.


Prince William & Kate Middleton Barbie Dolls

Mattel is planning on a Prince William & Kate Middleton Barbie doll set, to celebrate the couple’s first wedding anniversary this April. The set will be sold for approx. £100.

In my opinion, Mattel nailed it in its Prince William barbie doll. As for Kate Middleton, AKA the Duchess of Cambridge, her doll doesn’t look at all like her.

Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Congrats to Prince William and his Wife Kate on her pregnancy.

و على قولتنا يالكويتيين، منك المال و منها العيال. ألف مبروك


Vive Le Canada من قدكم يالكنديين

You gotta love the Brits. They just spread that respect so wide, that you’re obliged to respect them back. I ain’t Canadian, but if I were, I would definitely be charmed by the Duchess of Cambridge wearing my national leaf.

Just look at Kate Middleton’s hat with the Canadian Maple leaf, I bet that got the heart of every Canadian pumping with pride.

50-Year Old Princess Diana With Kate Middleton on the Cover of Newsweek Magazine

This is going to be the cover of Newsweek for it’s July 4 edition. It’s a two-page article about Diana, if she was allive today. Many people are saying that the article and pictures are just a little too creepy, because it shows a computer generated 50-year old Princess Diana and a really creepy imagination.

You can read the complete article here.

ليش عرايسنا مو جذي؟

Look at how happy and chippery Kate Middleton is. Why can’t Kuwaiti brides feel the same level of happiness and joy in their marriages?


ببساطة…. لأنه المعرس ماهو مثل برنس ويليام

(هذا الجواب الروعة ياكم مع تحيات القارئة د.ع)

Cinderella & Her Wicked Sisters

This was too funny not to post. I do however feel guilty at laughing at the royal sisters, they seem to be nice and sweet. So just remember, it’s the costumes I’m laughing at.

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I Take My Hat Off to Al-Qabas والله و سويتوها يا قبس، انتوا على راسي من فوق

I had posted before about Al-Qabas’ bold publishing.

You can check my previous posts herehere, here, here, here, here, and here.

But with this picture, I can honestly say: Hats Off to Al-Qabas. Way to go throwing out bigotry and close-mindedness out the door. Way to go Ya Qabas.

Check out the pic on Al-Qabas’ page 13 today.

The Royal Wedding, Kuwaiti Style

How can I translate this into English? I better leave it to this video. But it basically means congratulations, said in a very traditional Kuwaiti way.


Picture was taken from Al-Watan newspaper page 1.

Prince William & Kate Middleton Leave Buckingham Palace

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The royal couple left Buckingham Palace to St. James’ Palace in Prince Charles’ classic Aston Martin Volante.

Pictures taken from AP.