Cool 20th anniversary party at McDonald’s Gulf Rd.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait

McDonald’s Kuwait Holds

“20 Years of Smiles Carnival”

in celebration of its 20th Anniversary

McDonald’s Kuwait will host a two day carnival at the Corniche branch on the Arabian Gulf street to celebrate its 20th anniversary and commemorate 2 decades of service in Kuwait. The carnival will take place on the 7th and 8th of March, with festivities beginning every day at 10:00a.m and continuing until 11:00p.m.

The two-day event will include a number of acts and attractions, such as helium balloon aerialists, rhythm of fire drummers, LED robots, butterfly dancers, stilt walkers, monocycles, jugglers and ice sculptors. The celebrations will also include balloon sculptors and face painting for children, as well as other fun filled activities for the whole family.

The performances will take place throughout the day with consecutive acts along the McDonald’s store walkway and all around the premises.

McDonald's 20th anniversary carnival Kuwait 2

McDonald’s Halloum Muffin is back

Mcdonald's halloum muffin 2

The Halloum Muffin is a sandwich that was introduced two and a half years, but was only available for a limited time. McDonald’s introduced two other halloum sandwiches since then, but on Chibata bread and not muffin. They both weren’t that tasty. I’m happy to see they’re brining back the original delicious one. That’s definitely my breakfast tomorrow.

Note: Last time I checked, breakfast in Kuwait is served till 11.30 not 11 am.

McDonald’s new Soda Float

McDonald's Soda Float Kuwait

Available for a limited time only and comes in three flavors: Cola, orange, and lemon soda.

Price is 500 fils each.

McDonald’s new extended breakfast hours


McDonald’s have extended their breakfast hours to 11.30 am. The extension isn’t much, but it sure gives us more time to enjoy their delicious breakfast.

The Halloum McMuffin is Back

Halloum McMuffin Mcdonalds Kuwait

The Halloum Muffin was a new breakfast sandwich introduced by McDonald’s 2 years ago. It was delicious and light, and I missed it a lot when they stopped serving it last year. They then introduced a halloum Chibata sandwich a few months back, but it wasn’t as tasty as the original Halloum Muffin.

McDonald’s decided to bring the Halloum Muffin back again (well not technically a muffin, it’s still served on chibata bread), this time with olive tapenade. I haven’t tried it yet, though I was this close to ordering a McDo breakfast this morning. If I had known about the new Halloum sandwich, I would’ve definitely went to McDo myself to try it out.

I’m not having very high expectations, but I do wish it’s better than the old chibata one. This sandwich is on my to do list for tomorrow.

BTW, it seems that McDonald’s have extended their breakfast hours till 11.30.

McDonald’s new Halloum Ciabatta sandwich شيباتا حلوم من مكدونالدز



Say hello to McDo’s latest local addition, the Grilled Halloum on Ciabatta. 

We tried McDonald’s latest breakfast sandwich this morning. I’m so glad to see them introducing a plain cheese sandwich again, after they stopped serving the very tasty Halloum Muffin a few months ago.

The Halloum Ciabatta was light and fluffy. The cheese was a little rubbery for me, but then again, so was the halloum muffin at the beginning. You get used to it after a few bites, and stop noticing. This new sandwich tasted good and was super light and healthy, and such a great change to their other oily meaty breakfast muffins. After this one, the other ones just tasted too oily and very heavy.

New cheese bites from McDonald’s

I was getting breakfast from McDonald’s this morning, and the lady there told me about these new cheese bites. I said I’ll give them a try, especially since they only costs 500 fils.

There are 5 pieces in the tiny box. These french cheese bites sounded like something appetizing because they’re made with yummy camembert cheese. But honestly, taste wise, they were just normal. And I think they’re mixed with mash potatoes or something similar. I liked them mainly because of the mash potato taste, and that the cheese isn’t salty.

Easily Make Your Own BigMac at Home



Yesterday, Stuffwecomeupwit blog tweeted this vid. I didn’t get a chance to watch it till tonight, and it was great in two ways:

  • It shows you exactly how to make that special BigMac sauce; with store bought ingredients like Mayo, sweet pickles, mustard, and onion\garlic\paprika powders.
  • AND it also shows you how to make and grill the patty, and how to assemble the onion\lettuce\cheese just like a real BigMac.

I personally don’t like the BigMac, but I know that some of my readers are huge fans of it. And I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with this video.

مكدونالدز يشجع على الكسل؟

فكرة الإعلان غريبة، المفروض من الموظف انه يظل بالشغل لين يخلص شغله، مو يطلع مبكر

العمل عبادة

دعاية مكدونالدز للقرقيعان


أظن إنه هذي أحلى دعاية حق القرقيعان شفتها السنة…. حدها تونس