Official: Janet Jackson married Qatari Wissam Al-Mana

Janet Jackson Qatari Wissam Al-Mana got married

Janet Jackson married her Qatari boyfriend Wissam Al-Mana in a secret ceremony last year. ET reports this short statement from the secretly married couple:

“The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy. With love, Wissam and Janet”.

Janet has a fancy for secret weddings. The last time she did that, no one knew of it till she got divorced 9 years later.

The couple have been dating for a while now, you can check their pics [here], [here], and [here]. There was some talk last month of Janet perhaps getting a half billion pre-nup if they ever divorced.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and kudus to Mrs. jackson for getting Wissam to marry her. Let that power and respect spread to other couples in our region, may they too make honest men and women out of their dating partners. Let them put a stop to the love them and leave them scenarios.

Seriously, congrats to the new couple.

Btw, this pic is their official wedding photo.

Qatar’s European & UK Investments إستثمارات قطر الأوروبية

This is a chart of Qatar’s various recent investments in Europe and the UK, ones made after the financial crises in 2008. These investments totaled more than $30 billion. They all look sound and solid, well diversified in many differing sectors, which means that they’ll offer varied return levels with diversified risks.

The Kuwiati Investment Office started operating from London back in the early 1950’s, and was one of the best ways to grow our oil riches at the time. To this day, we are proud of our shares in BP and in Mercedes Benz, companies we bought into some 60+ years ago through the legendary KIO.

Qatar is moving in the same correct direction we were on. As for our present state of the KIO & KIA, I seriously don’t have any comments on their miserable work. Just look at Qatar’s chart and marvel at their beautiful show of business sense, and just forget about the KIO\KIA.

[Chart source].

The Ugly Fight Between Al-Watan Newspapers in Kuwait and Qatar



Over the National holidays, a Qatari man ran over a Kuwaiti man with his car, and put him in a coma in the ICU.

Ever since the accident, there has been a lot of rumors floating around as to the cause of the fight, and they’re all of the nasty type. Either way, the matter is with the Kuwaiti Police and Courts, so legally speaking, right will prevail. After all, Kuwait is a nation of laws.

But Al-Watan newspapers, both the Kuwaiti and the Qatari ones, are having an ugly mess with this whole incident. Click on the links to read the complete articles.

Pic credit: Al-Watan Qatar pic taken from [here].

قطر أغنى دولة بالعالم

قامت قطر بتخطي لوكسمبرغ كأغنى دولة بالعالم من حيث الناتج المحلي للفرد، بدخل يفوق  ١٠٣ ألف دولار

الإمارات سادس أغنى دولة بدخل ٤٨ ألف دولار، و تليها الكويت (عربيا) في المرتبة الخامسة عشر عالميا بدخل يقارب ٤٠ ألف دولار سنويا


Qatar Joins Kuwait in Our Celebrations

Nice move.

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Qatar wants to buy Manchester United for $2.37 billion

Qatar Investments made an offer to buy Manchester United for £1.5 Billion (or $2.37 Billion).

This comes after Qatar Foundation sponsored Barcelona’s jerseys for $225 2 months ago.

Don’t cry for me Kuwait

وشفيها اذا خسرنا اليوم…. احنا ابطال الخليج

كفاية لاعبينا مننا و فينا، مو من مرابع افريقيا و غابات اوروبا

و انا راح أغير جو و مود و اسمع اغاني وطنية ترد الروح


ياحلاة النشيد الوطني بنهاية الاغنية


يلا رفعوا ايدكم وياي و  رفرفوا بالهوا

بلا مباراة فاشلة بلا بطيخ…. زين بس ماكسروا ريل فهد العنزي

In case you’re wondering why I need some cheering up, Kuwait just lost 3-0 to Qatar in their Asian Football Cup game.

Kuwait vs. Qatar in Asian Cup 2011 الكويت ضد قطر في كاس آسيا

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب قطر في كاس آسيا ٢٠١١ اليوم الساعة ٧.١٥ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team is playing against Qatar in the Asian Cup games 2011 in Qatar. The game is one at 7.15 pm, and you can watch it on Kuwait Sport, Jazeera Sport, and AbuDhabi 1&2.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!


Kuwait vs. Uzbekistan in Asian Cup 2011 الكويت ضد اوزبكستان في كاس آسيا

المباراة بين منتخب الكويت و منتخب اوزبكستان اليوم الساعة ٤.١٥ مساء بتوقيت الكويت

Kuwait national football team plays against Uzbakistan in the Asian Cup games 2011 in Qatar. The game is on at 4.15 pm, and you can watch it on Kuwait Sport, Jazeera Sport, AbuDhabi 1&2.

Good luck Kuwait, we’ll all cheering for you!!

World cup 2022 Qatar will be held during winter

From The Telegraph newspaper

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