Can’t beat this: Zain’s National Holiday song يا زين الكويت

Zain Kuwait national liberation celebrations



Whatsapp has been buzzing all day about Zain’s 3eed wa6ani video. And with very good reason.

It’s beautiful. Just perfect. And I loved how they let girls dance this time, not make it an all men vid.

I vote to have Zain and NBK handle our national celebration operettas from now on. Who can forget NBK’s 7abeebti ya Kuwait? [link]. And I bet the two of them will do a phenomenal job, and be under budget too. Something like what we used to watch in the 80’s.

Wow. What an amazing video. Wish Kuwait was more like that in real.

How to transfer your mobile number خطوات تحويل رقمك النقال

Instructions for mobile number transfer Kuwait

Basically, the steps for transferring your mobile phone number from one company to another are these:

  • Update your personal data with your current carrier.
  • Pay your bills (at the company you want to transfer to?).
  • Fill in the application at the new company.
  • Text “port” or “نقل” to 7678.
  • Wait 24 hours, the your number should then be officially transferred and working.

For more information, check this [link].

Is it finally happening? Mobile number transfer

M.O. Communication mobile phone transfer

It looks like the M.O. Communication is serious about implementing the transfer of mobile phone numbers between carriers in Kuwait. According to the ad, the transfer will begin at 12 p.m. this Saturday June 15th.

I posted about this just last week, but I was skeptical because they had promised us this before and failed (repeatedly). However, it does look like they’re very serious this time.

I say wait till Saturday to see if this is true. Till then, take it with a grain of salt.

Zain’s cute No Smoking commercial


Saudi Mobily Offers Free International Data Roaming in the UAE and Egypt

Saudi Telecom co., Mobily, just announced that it will offer free data roaming in Egypt and the UAE for its data plan subscribers. Prices are very cheap compared to Kuwait: 1 Gb for kd 8, 5 GB for kd 17, and unlimited data usage for just kd 30. These packages are the local plan packages, with the added benefit of using them abroad.

When will be getting this in Kuwait? All of our local telecom companies operate in neighboring countries, so we should at least get GCC and Sham area coverages with Zain (Bahrain, Jordan & Saudi), VIVA (Saudi), and Wataniya (Qatar).

Big Thumbs Up to Zain Kuwait: Checkout This New Flashmob


In this new version, there’s a lady singing. She appears twice in the video, which in my opinion is a much better version than the “all men” one we saw a week ago. I didn’t like that version very much.

Kool effort Zain.

One Billion Dollars Profit From Zain

Zain achieved a net profit of $1.03 Billion for the 2011 fiscal year, vs. $1.02 billion in fiscal 2010. Despite Zain’s inability to positively increase its profits for last year, a billion dollars is still a billion dollars. It’s a super major achievement in these terrible economic times. Way to go Zain, Congratulations.

Word is Zain intends on distributing cash dividends of 65 fils per share, so congratulations to all Zain shareholders.

Win a Cool Gift with Zain on Instagram

All you need to win is..

1.       Take any picture with Zain logo, Name or a product.

2.       Send it by email to

3.       Attach the picture, and your account name.

4.       Zain will upload the photo on @ZainKuwait account and people will like the picture.

5.       The competition will start today, and voting will end on Saturday night 11:59 pm

6.       Most 5 liked pictures will get the Zain Camping bag :)

My Gift from Zain


I woke up today to find this present from Zain. It’s big and heavy, and my best guess is it’s a tent maybe.

I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m taking it to Chale, and we’ll have fun cracking it there.

Thank you Zain.

Wataniya & Zain Officialy Offer iPhone 4S الوطنية و زين يطرحون آيفون ٤اس الجديد

Click [here] for Wataniya’s offers.

Click [here] for Zain’s offers.

Update: Several people have informed me that only VIVA and Zain are authorized by Apple to sell iPhone in Kuwiat. I wasn’t sure of this, but then I found the confirmation on Apple’s KW site. Here’s the [link] to confirm.