Morning Cup-a-Joe

My friend sent me some really fancy milk chocolate buttons from Maya Cafe-Bahrain, and I couldn’t resist them any longer. I just felt like i had to have them right then and there… Which calls for that perfect espresso to go with that damn sinful choco buttons.

4 Responses to Morning Cup-a-Joe

  1. 00puzzled00 says:

    so it is mochaChino
    or shall i say espresso Mocha
    Enjooooooooooy it nothing is like good coffee with good chocolate ,to me its heaven

    • buzfairy says:

      lolz…. Sorry, I should’ve made my self clearer. I meant I was eating the chocolates, while having the espresso. And yes, I think you’re right. You’re choices for coffe, like a Mochacinno or an espresso mocha are a lot tastier than my bland espresso 🙂

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