Sea trip to Al-Dar Island in Bahrain


On a recent trip to Bahrain, I read in their Time Out magazine about sea excursions to Al-Dar Islands. So I decided to go and have a day of fun at the beach.

You ride a nice looking boat from Fishermen’s Port to get to the island. The trip is really short at less than 5 minutes, since we could actually see the island from the port before we even left. The Island is in front of Al-Bandar resort in Sitra area. The boat will take you back to mainland whenever you want, any time.

Adult tickets are BD 10 and kids are @ BD 5. They’ve got JetSkies, lagoons,  beach volly, hamoucks, a coffee shop, a restaurant, Sheisha, and alcoholic drinks.

The cool thing about the isalnd is that you can take boat trips to do almost anything you want. You can dive for Pearl searching, go on a boat for Dolphine watching, or just chillax in the sea and et7adig.

Like I mentioned, there is both a coffe shop and a restuarant; in addition to a place that sells nicknacks such as tobbacco and chips. You can also have sheisha and alcohol on the island. Everything is brought to you on the beach, while you’re reciling in a beach chair, a large bed, or a hammock.

By the way, the island is man made and is quite small. I’m not really good with dimensions, but I think it’s like 1/3 the size of Kubbar. Tops.

However, I have got to say that I’m impressed with what they’ve made over in Bahrain.


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