FatBurger Kuwait is Double Delicious

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So I finally got to go to FatBurger, Kuwait. It’s located in Spoons food-mall on Fintas coastal road, just before Alia & Ghalia towers and before the Sakura\Wasabi\Ruby Tuesday food-mall. It’s open daily from 4 pm to 11.45 pm, no phone number yet.

We were 2, and we ordered 3 burgers. 2 single burgers, and one double burger; thin fries and chubby fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes.

First off, I got to say the place is a bit expensive. A single burger meal is like kd 3.25-3.5, and a double burger meal is like 4.25-4.6; with the extra toppings of cheese, bacon, or eggs. Our total bill was just over kd 13, so it turned out not to be that expensive after all.

Secondly, the food was amazing. The burgers are really light, both in oil saturation and spice-wise. Everything is just so light. I had a burger AND a half, and I still wasn’t full when I left. This is such a great feeling, after being used to getting stuffed to death with other burger places.

Thirdly, the place is big. It is quite big. But I feel that the number of tables could’ve been a lot more if they cleverly used the space.

Everyone was friendly enough. But the staff is still under trained. The cashier got our order mixed up, so we ended up paying more money to get our fries; because she didn’t punch in the meal code at the beginning. Also, when our chunky fries didn’t come, we had to get up again, go upstairs, and order AGAIN. That was annoying.

It should be noted that the menu is not yet complete. Half of the items are not available yet; like hotdogs, chili, chicken, and the vegi-burger. I was happy with my food, so I really didn’t care much.

I loved the place. The location is just perfect if you’re in chale, and want to have a good meal. The food is light and delicious, which will makes it easier to choose to eat there again.

One last funny thing. I was asking if FatBurger opens in the morning, like on fridays or weekends. The funny reply I got was that they are thinking of having a double shift in Ramadan, like one in the morning and one at night. I didn’t have the heart to correct the sweet lady. But it was still funny.

Anyways, FatBurger Kuwait is located in Spoons Food-Mall on Fintas’ coastal road. The is on the same side as Sakura and Wasabi. The building has a TGI Friday’s on the corner, so you can’t miss it. The place is exactly opposite Pizza Express. And it is just before Alia & Ghalia towers and Wasabi\Sakura, if you’re coming from the city. It is just passed them if you’re coming from Chale or Fahaheel.

Bon Appétit mon amis.

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