So funny yet so true

This picture goes to all you guys out there, memorize it and your life will be so much easier.

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Miss Mexico is the new Miss Universe

The new Miss Universe is Miss Mexico, Ms. Jimena Navarrete. She beat more than 80 other beauties to this top title.

Anyone watched the Las Vegas competition? I dare anyone to say yes to this question in Ramadan.

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Jay-Z will be opening for U2 in their Australia & New Zealand tour

The infamous Mr. Beyonce, the Jay-Z him self, will be opening for U2 in their Australia and New Zealand tour.

Jay-Z will be opening for U2 in ALL their 360° tour dates in Australia and New Zealand. Wow. Now that would be a great concert to watch. Damn shame, Australia is half the world away, and I hate long flights.

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