Today is 1st day of school

Summer is over, and it’s officially September already. That means it’s back to school time for some of the kids today. Let me just give them a supportive advice:

“Hope you enjoyed your summer, good luck today, and y36eekum el3afia for going to school before everyone else and for fasting in this heat”.


Apple’s Fall event is today at 9 p.m.

Apple‘s fall event is starting today, Sep. 1, at 9 p.m. Kuwait local time. There are a few rumors circulating the net about what to expect or not.

Here are some of the likely rumors:

  • OS4 for the iPad (good news, since no multi-tasking is making the iPad annoying to use).
  • New or updated iPod lines, including new iTouch and iPod Nano (bad news for me, I had gotten the new iTouch and iPod nano video when they came out a year ago).
  • New or revamped Apple TV (total crap in my opinion, I haven’t used ,mine one since I got it a year ago).
  • Some improvement on iTunes.

These are some of the less likely rumors:

  • iPad Mini.
  • Improvements over iPhone 4 antennas.
  • Updates on why the white iPhone is still missing.

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Paris Hilton could be facing years in jail, not days, after her coke arrest

It seems that Paris Hilton is in some serious legal trouble. After being caught with cocaine in her purse in Las Vegas, it seems that this is a major charge and could be facing years in jail if convicted. She hired a top notch lawyer from LA to help her face her deepest legal trouble ever.

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Mobile phone black dress

Fashion meets Inspector Gadget in this black dress. This dress is called the M-Dress and has a built in antenna, holds a sim card, and allows you to make calls by talking to your wrist, and hangs up your call when you drop down your hand.

Sounds pretty futuristic, right? Yet not very practical. It’s a cool idea though. You can order it from here, along with a bunch of other very cool wear.

Rihanna looking great

Doesn’t Rihanna look great here? Her new single “Only Girl” is hitting towns in a few days.

This picture here is actually Rihanna’s wax double, made for Madame Tussauds‘ Washington D.C. wax museum. It will be put in the Glamour Room, where visitors can take pictures with her wax statue.

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