Cheap private islands for sale

Did you know that there are many private islands for sale, all around the world? And at affordable and reasonable prices?

Here are 11 of these private islands:

  • The ones on show here range in price from just $595 thousand to $3.5 million.
  • Some are small at just .32 acres, while others can be quite large at 74 acres.
  • The locations also vary; from several of the United States, to a couple of places in Canada, to Norway, and the Bahamas.

A lot of these islands are cheaper than the average extra-ordinary house in Kuwait. How ironic is that? However, some of these islands are quite horrible or are undeveloped.

My personal preference is of course the Bahamas, and for some odd reason, the one in North Carolina, USA. Click here for more details.

Feel free to buy an island and invite us over for a BBQ!


Wana buy a new watch for 3eed?

In today’s Al-Watan’s newspaper edition, I spotted a huge number of ads for watches. Is it the new thing now? That we buy watches to celebrate 3eed or something? I counted a total of 6 ads in just one issue.

Anyone looking for a watch? I know one of my friends gave e a headache yesterday trying to decided what watch to get, I guess this post is for u H.

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Jumeirah Beach Hotel advertising in a local paper

I think this is the first time EVER that the Jumeirah Beach Hotel has advertised in a local Kuwaiti newspaper. The demand for this hotel by Kuwaitis is so strong, that JBH ever hardly needs to advertise to get us to go there.  Sure they occasionally put up their hotel’s picture along with Dubai‘s annual “Dubai Summer Surprises” group ad, but never in a direct ad from the hotel like in this one.

I love Jumeirah Beach Hotel, wether you’re with kids or just adults. It’s nice, spacious, full of activities, has more than 50-60 resturants to chose from (obviously I’ve included Madinate Jumeirah resturats), had good pools, perfect gym, clean beach, a great water park… Oh, I think I can get this list going on for a long long time, beacuse the hotel is just that good.

Well, I’m glad that Jumeirah Beach Hotel is finally paying its customers in Kuwait some well deserved attention. And room prices are reasonable, starting from around DH 800++ including breakfast (ya3ni KD 80 with taxes and everything). You can get more details about this special GCC offer here.

Anyone for a short trip over to Dubai?

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Coffee Republic rocks

I went to Coffee Republic today for an after fe6oor latte and frappa, they were both great. And they had the cuttest small mint boxes. I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures of them.

We had two Carmel macchiatos, two after mints, and a bottle of still water for KD 5. I think it’s a lot cheaper than StarBucks. The Macchiato was delicious. We then had a chocolate chip frappa.

Aren’t those lips adorable?

Nancy Ajram & Hussain Al-Jasmi in Kuwait 3rd day of 3eed

The amazing Nancy Ajram and Hussain Al-Jasmi are coming for a joint concert on 3rd day of 3eed, Sep 11, and will be held in Al-Rayya. Prices start from KD 50 to 100 with full a dinner, Tel # 22997250, 22997251, and 55361484.

I love Al-Jasmi to death, he is just so adorable. Oh, and of course, he’s an amazing singer, I could listen to him all night long. I probably will be doing just that when 3eed comes. And Nancy is obviously cute, friendly, and a total class of adorableness herself.

It’s a perfect match for a great night out, if not for the no dancing rule@!

Do you like this Rolex?

Do you like this Rolex Skipper’s watch? I can’t say that I see the beauty in it, at all. In my opinion, this Yacht Master II is very bulky, and this mina in particular is not pretty at all.

Bahrain Terrorist group caught

I have a Bahraini friend whom has bombarded me with BB messages all Ramadan long, to keep Bahrain safe. The messages got a bit old and more annoying with time. I mean, I love Bahrain and all, but come on. Too much is too much.

Well, I am sad to say that I was wrong and that she actually had a point. There was a terrorist group plotting bad things against Bahrain. Check Al-Jareeda for more details, that’s why everyone there was getting very patriotic. All that said, I have to state that I didn’t like how they stated that folan was eductaed 3ala 7sab eldawla, wala enah 3ellan took a loan for BD 450, they are citizens after all, Bahrain should do that for its citizens.

Allah ey7afeth elBa7rain wil Kuwait killihum.