Sheikh Naser Al-Mohammad’s interview on Kuwait TV

Our Prime Minister, Sh. Nasser, went on Kuwait TV and made his first ever public interview.

  • This interview is very important; because it’s one of the few times that a PM does a public interview in Kuwait, and because it gives Sh. Nasser a clear chance to explain his point of view directly to Kuwaitis.
  • The public opinion of Sh. Nasser is that he’s weak and is easily steered and guided away, that he tends to revert to courts to deal with his opposers rather than face their accusations, and that he doesn’t have the capabilities to run the government. All of these have all added to Kuwaitis’ frustration with Sh. Nasser, and to doubt his ability to run the government in these sensitive times.
  • In his interview, he managed to erase a lot of these negative opinions of him.
  • Whether you agree or not with Sh. Nasser; you can’t neglect the confidence he showed, the respectful and strong opinions he had about the constitution and democracy, or his clear intelligence.
  • Have a look at a few articles and editorials I picked up from the local papers this morning to get a feeling of how strong the political arena is reacting to Sh. Nasser’s interview.

Good luck Sh. Nasser, and  thank you for your interview. You have once again proved that Kuwait is truly ahead of others in our region. We can all be proud that we still have an open, free, and safe country; in which can question anyone without fear.

You can watch part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of his interview.

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5 Responses to Sheikh Naser Al-Mohammad’s interview on Kuwait TV

  1. Nivine says:

    I missed the interview, but I read it In the newspaper…yes, sounds very cool and optimistic…ya3ni el rabi3 ow keel Shay 3al el 3al…utopia mashalh!

    • buzfairy says:

      Why didn’t u open the youtube links I put?

      I, for one, enjoyed the interview. At least, it gives us an insight on Sh. Nasser’s character. He might appear weak and lacks confidence (in general, not in the interview), but the way he presented himself was very poise.

  2. Nivine says:

    I meant el dinya rabi3 well gaw badi3 3ala Ray suad hosni…..:)

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