You can never get bored with Al-Watan newspaper

I have to admit something. I don’t get Al-Watan newspaper at home, for many many reasons excluding its’ owner’s reputation. But I still check it out everyday online. And it never ceases to amaze me how it dramatically embellish headlines.

This is a perfect example. We are all over the moon with 3eed being finally here, BUt here is Al-Watan twisting its dramatic spice into current events.

It’s still a very enjoyable newspaper, especially with its ads.


2 Responses to You can never get bored with Al-Watan newspaper

  1. q8othug says:

    the many reasons you speak of including the owners reputation should be more than enough for you to not watch/read it : >

    i dont read al-watan or see their channel. even convinced mom to not watch/read them (even though i know she is doing it behind our back, lol)

    stick to the worst of all evil which is al-qabas 😉

    • buzfairy says:

      I totally agree with u, i don’t any more reason other than that.

      I don’t watch their tv channela t all, but i do check their paper online every morning. And I have to admit, i read nothing there, i just go through the ads. Sometimes, i wud read their reaction over something controversial or sensitive to them, just to see the funny way they spin stuff out of order 🙂

      Oh, ana my favorites are al-qabas and al-jareeda. Those i religiously read 😉

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