Everyone’s in Hadi Hospital

I’m feeling a little sick, so me and my friend headed to Hadi Hospital to get checked up.

I’ve been here an hour so far, and the place is crowded and packed.

Its been fun here. I got to see people men madri wain. I saw a cousin, a tv show writer (zwarat 5amees comes to mind), brother in law of a friend, a parliament member (7asafa enah dayyin wela chan estanast), plus odd couples and single people of all sorts. I swear it’s like a diwaniya. I think people come here to socialize and chat.

I’ve got to add, I never come to Hadi. I’m a firm beleiver in governmental clinics. And my favorite private place is the fantastic International Clinic.

Wish me well dears, it’s a weekend, I want to get better soon.

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Wohoo… 20,000 readers… Wohoo

It took me 5 weeks to reach the first 10,000 readers, but I am extremely happy to say it only took three and a half weeks to reach the next 10,000 readers.

I say thank you to each and everyone of you, you have made my blogging experience fun, engaging, satisfying, and just super super great.

Add me on Twitter and on Facebook, I will try my best to keep you both informed and entertained.

Thank you.

New livable planet found!

Apparently, there is a planet just 20 lights years away from us that is 100% livable by humans. Read all about this amazing discovery here.

Man wins million $ lottery twice!!

This guy is super lucky. He won a million dollars in June, then won two more millions this month.

Wow, I wish I would have a bit of that luck. Most I won was a thousand dollars from NBK’s Jawhara account draw. I was extremely happy I won anything at all, it made me feel super lucky and on top of the world. Believe me, winning anything is awesome!

Notice anything funny?

Take a look at this shot, and tell me if you see what I see. Ever since the news about Etisalat buying like half of Zain got out, all of Al-Khorafi group shares on Kuwait Stock Exchange are full limits up.

Here’s to other shares in the market…. Yala ya Bait El-Tamweel, tala7la7 shway.

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Janet Jackson dating a Qatari dude

I came across an article talking about Janet Jackson dating a guy named Wissam Al-Mana, and I said to my self “that name sounds arabic”.

It turns out he’s a 35 year old business man from Qatar, and he’s been all over the world with Janet since he started dating her 10 months ago.

I have like a zillion funny comments about this, but I think I should keep them to my self. I know everyone is gona have their own inside joke anyways.

Beautiful Quote

Now you can buy a Bat Mobile

Remember the Bat Mobile from Batman’s 1960’s TV series? Now you can buy the same exact fully operational replica of that classic Bat Mobile for just $ 150,000.

You can buy the car from Fiber Glass Freaks.